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  1. What about the Centurion Stalker Helm? Why isnt it getting modulation and the battlemaster one is?
  2. Freaking this. This is what I wanted from the SSSP. Give me some Wing Commander Privateer action in my SWTOR.
  3. The Gunship is the tank. It's a big annoying piece of crap that can take a lot of abuse that distracts everyone else from whatever they were doing to fight it. While you're off trying to cross the 10k to get to him, his buddies are spamming you with cluster missiles.
  4. Oh look, it's this thread again. People (myself included) have been making this thread for two years now and BioWare continues to ignore it. Not one of these threads ever gets even a comment from the devs.
  5. I'm one of them. I've been asking for this since a month after launch.
  6. I've been asking for this for two years.
  7. With every MMO, it's only playable until the servers shut down. I personally would love a way to play through class stories again some time after the servers are gone for good. There's a lot of work put into this game for it to basically be lost forever in about five years.
  8. I still want this idea. I've wanted it since basically the month after launch.
  9. http://i.imgur.com/GcF0pk4.jpg It's from a topic on this very forum about individual records for all the classes. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=628745 Biggest Hit Retader(EU)(Powertech)(11056)http://i.imgur.com/GcF0pk4.jpg
  10. Maul is not broken. Every class is now hitting for around 10k on at least one move, even Powertechs and Mercs, which, were supposedly nerfed. Maul requires you to be behind the target, have two separate proc, and crit in order to even be a decent move. If you spam maul, you're doing it wrong. Maul costs too much to spam effectively. 50 Force is half, or almost half of your force right there. Low Slash (30 Force) isnt cheap either, so let's say hit low slash and then the proc for maul (20 force), that's 50 force right there. You spam it again, congratulations, you can't do anything for a few seconds. Assassins have burst, they're supposed to have burst. Assassins are not overpowered. Deception has in the past been horribly underpowered, mocked, and unwanted. It's finally performing on par with the other classes. Deal with it and L2P.
  11. Male is far better. Female is one of the absolute worst, most annoying voices in the entire game, both sides. Seriously, I'd rather listen to Wookies, Jawas, Rakata (the KoTOR 1 Rakata voice, that was bad!) and pretty much every alien on max volume for the rest of my life, than listen to a single word spewed from that terrible voice. Go with the Male voice for Inquisitors.
  12. I don't see why this is such a big deal to not have it. All the quests take place in or are given in an instance. We have choices in flashpoints, some of them affect other quests (Kaon->Fleet Quest for it, Boarding Party->Call to Arms, ect). We can replay those, they don't change any of our past choices when we replay them. You're basically letting about 80% of the game go completely to waste after you do it once. Richard Garriot more or less is putting it in his new MMO. The ability to replay most of the quests.
  13. This game has a great story for every class, with lots of expensive voice acting. You know what would be great? To be able to replay the story and see all those nifty cutscenes again. This would give quite a bit of replay value to the game without having to grind out and gear another level 55. You could even make it a monthly or something like that for Elite Coms, Basic Coms, or even Classic coms. This idea would allow you to very quickly and cheaply keep at least some of us entertained while you make actual new content.
  14. No you didn't. I listed the different tools. All you said is "they have them" An assassin uses burst out of stealth to kill. They also need the element of surprise in order to effective. The Gunslinger has stealth detection, sees the Assassin, uses his knockback, paints him with his bleed. Let's say this assassin then uses force shroud to remove the bleed. Ok, well, I guess I it's a good thing that DOTs have no cooldown. Bam, painted again, every time it wears off, use it on the stealth class. If the assassin tries to flee, he can't, after a tick, bam, he's out of stealth and he can't use it for about a minute and a half. So back to actually fighting him. The assassin needs to move, a lot. If he can't, he can't kill you. Roots, flash grenade, and dirty kicks are all helpful here. If you blast him back and root him, then he's a sitting target, and you can get several hard hitting attacks on him. You've also got a nice ability to give him a sizable armor debuff, which will make killing him even faster. In addition, aimed shot has a bonus to it, very early on in the sharpshooter tree that makes it another knockback at close range. *Edit Oh an I forgot. Those mauls? In addition, there's this nifty little move we (Scoundrels do too) have, Dodge. What it does is makes it so you dodge melee and ranged attacks for like 3 seconds. It also removes hostile effects. It may not be the EXACT same thing as Force Shroud but it's pretty close. In this case, it helps against those mauls you hate so much.
  15. Deception was laughable when it came to DPS before 2.0. They were ridiculed. Now they're consistently on par with most of the classes. That's called balance. Now some classes are UP, but most classes are on par with each other. Assassins are NOT overpowered.
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