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  1. sounds pretty thin while ignoring other factors involved in obtaining some of those things for instance a bigger budget and more manpower needed to pull off all the extra story, planets, content that you expect more often. Reminds me of one of those reddit fluff posts that doesn't really offer a viable solution with the resources available. Keep in mind they just overhauled the entire game with 64 bit which was a massive project. Also I completely disagree with chatgpt's suggestion of more abilities etc. This game suffers horribly from ability bloat as it is as that is exactly which led to many of the issues which resulted in 7.0 ability pruning. Now to cast a spell on EA and BW that magically triples their budget so we can get all the other stuff you mentioned.
  2. Is this also going to apply to commander tokens giving lvl 80 now and completing all of the story?
  3. Will there be a fix to the door being closed after you kill first boss so we no longer have to use a sniper to knockback over the gap in order to activate the train to get to the 2nd boss when we have a lockout? Any word of it there will be a fix to Lord Kannoth in hardmode when you first enter and pull but his lateral growth cast will not show the yellow arrows on the player that is targetted with it unless you have the group alt + f4 and relog after clearing the hallway and entering his room? Pretty annoying to have to relog just to be able to see lateral growth yellow arrows when he casts.
  4. Will there also be a reduction on tech frag cost for legendary embers as they are also used in the crafting of CMs and gold augments? They are currently going for 3000 tech frags from the vendor as we no longer get them from disassembling the new gear like we used to with 300-306 gear items. Also will the amount required for crafting those items be reduced as well?
  5. I wish they would give arsenal mercs something resembling love. Right now the current top parse is about 25% higher than what arsenal can do. I seem to recall a dev interview a while back where they said they want rdps within 5-10% of the top. I would kill for that then I could at least use arsenal in operations again. I don't know if it's just that they ignore mercs for the most part or it's that there are so few of us left actually playing arsenal that they don't get much feedback and just figure it's okay. Fury maras doing over 32k dps while we struggle to get close to 25k.
  6. This guy gets it. At this point I wonder how many nightmare raiding arsenal mercs are even left. The only time I ever play arsenal in a nightmare raid is if they need the arm break. 6.0 clipped arsenal mercs wings and 7.0 seems to be following that. If they want to prune mercs abilities then why not start with the heals for the dps specs? We get 2 heals and med shot. Include those as choices. I was honestly shocked that rocket out wasn't involved in the choices as it was one of the defensive skills added later in the game. Give us our hydros baseline and put rocket out as the choice instead. Arsenal mercs need some love in the dps department before we all disappear and become PTs.
  7. Okay I already have a lot of those old titles from the old PTS long ago. I am concerned though because as part of the new mount it says to complete all of these things. Does this mean eventhough I already have the titles I have to make a character and complete all 3 story chapters and then all the expansions in order to qualify for the new mount or does it consider that already completed for me since I already have the titles?
  8. Every time it hits me I just reinstall my graphics driver and everything is fixed.
  9. Pro tip, right click the names of the folks making chat channels bad and report spam. If enough people do that because they too are tired of the misogyny, racism, bigotry, body shaming, homophobia, etc then it auto squelches that person from all chat channels for 24 hours. It's built in and not even customer service can remove that 24 hr squelch. Other than that there is legacy ignore system which is nice and will block them on all their characters.
  10. Kill drake first so you don't have to deal with the add spawns that jump your companion and reflect unless you are within their circle. Nocturnal will enrage at that point but you should either be able to have your companion heal through it or use one of the healing nodes to get through it.
  11. I like having the companion but that story ending seriously ruined one of my favorite little offshoot stories in the game with the shroud. Highly disappointed in that ending.
  12. Make sure whoever has aggro on the walker boss doesn't move out of melee range and the rest of the group won't get constantly rocketed to death. With the adds ya just gotta be quick you can have the tank pop out to taunt or something then get right back in on the walker while your dps melt the adds. They usually die pretty fast when Im in there. Now trying to find a group willing to try the bonus boss is the real challenge in there:P
  13. Shrug those FPs are a whole lot easier than say nathema or copero so yeah why not just add them to the queue? If people don't want to run them they can always deselect them but for those who do they can have the convenience of being able to queue up like the other fps.
  14. Yeah I'm now raiding on my sniper and slinger instead. Only get to bring my merc to fights like apex where I can self cleanse.
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