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  1. Kind of expensive to buy it to find out if that's a bug or not.
  2. That's odd. It doesn't look anything like that in the previews. I see a pretty solid blade with clouds of black smoke, not a vaporous blade like in the screenshot from the launcher.
  3. https://gyazo.com/9364ae67477b14c555f40723702c9eb3
  4. SWTOR doesn't have hybrid classes. Nah, they said the opposite of that, as shown by someone else above.
  5. You didn't lose Blackout. It got made permanent.
  6. A 1% loss in net revenue is not the same thing as being negative-profit. It just means last quarter you made $100 and this quarter you made $99. That doesn't even qualify as a failure, and makes no mention at all of cartel market profits.
  7. I hope it'll get better next week after the election is over.
  8. What is this thread about? Why is everyone convinced they have to play through KOTFE over again?
  9. And that turned out to be a myth anyway. Roaches aren't actually very radiation-resistant.
  10. You're not allowed to do "kids today" rants until you're at least 40.
  11. SWTOR has always had the most toxic playbase of any MMO I've ever played. Remember, these are the folks who sent death threats to the kids of a community manager over a patch note.
  12. It won't matter at all. Koth will show up to help with it when you need it.
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