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Galactic Seasons Cleanup crew

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I am thinking of setting up a regular weekly Galactic Seasons group event to allow players on Shae Vizla to complete any missed seasons objectives.

I am doing one this week at Monday, April 1, 2024 10:00 PM SGT

Ideally I would like some players who have already completed the objectives to join also to make the numbers.

Is this something SV players would like to see ?


This weeks objectives that I see the Cleanup Crew working on are:

  • Sparks of War
    • ideally 8+ players, the more we have the faster it goes
  • FR3-DOM
    • min 8 players
    • group can break up into 4 groups of 2 + have their companion out on heal
      • this has worked for me this week in a couple of groups
  • Capital Punishment
    • requires a player to have both pub and imp characters
    • ideally 8+ players, the more we have the faster it goes
      • SD-0 benefits from having a tank and a healer in the group


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I applaud your efforts! Definitely an error in the GS Objectives listing. Week 3 covers a 2 week time frame by error. Mar 26-Apr 8 and lists Week 4 as Apr 9-15.  I just posted in General Discussion and pinged JackieKo to correct. Hopefully we can get a correction today.


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It’s great to see people in the community setting up things like this.

But would you consider doing it at a more reasonable time for those of us on the Australian East Coast or in NZ. Because 10:00 PM SGT is 1am Sydney time. 

Any chance you could do this earlier in the day/evening. Like maybe 4-5pm SGT (7-8pm AEST). That way you’re more likely to get a larger cohort or players able to participate. 

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We still managed 20 players.

i thing if we had a core group of players that signed up (regardless of their personal completion) we could do 2 runs.

6pm SGT is a bit early for myself (actually WAST) the APAC time zone is rather wide

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Posted (edited)

Can you have a look at this ?

Timezone is set for SGT (apologies, can't have per person timezones with this tool)

Scratch that one, I think this might be a better tool



would be good to see peoples availability for such an event.


this is not intended as leave all the objectives until this one event, but if you missed one, couldn't get one going before this time we'll try and have a group of players on at the time to knock it off.


Also, for reference I have this planner up:


  • Richmond is the BroadSword office hours
  • New Delhi
  • Singapore (also WAST)
  • Sydney for AEST
  • Wellington for our Kiwi friends

(if there are other timezones I should add please let me know)

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PUGing Nightmare Pilgrim on Shae I think will be a bit too difficult.

If we had 2 Tanks and 2 healers signed up for a window, then we can probably pug the rest of the healers and DPS

(DPS players are rarely an issue... though too low DPS will trigger the enrage)

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