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When are we getting Vaylin/Vaylin's future


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I'm really grateful for what the writing team did with Vaylin in Echoes of Oblivion as it adressed a lot of issues around her KOTET writing but they also gave a huge hint about her coming back in the body of Syl, she got a short appearance in a short story for 6.3, but after that, there hasn't been anything. I'd really love to see more of her in the story and I'm sure a sizeable portion of the fanbase feels the same way(otherwise I doubt she'd get brought back in the first place), and if anyone from the writing team is reading the forums, I hope you remember Vaylin and have plans for her. It would be great to see her in 8.0!

And as for my general thoughts on Vaylin's future, I think most people can agree that now that they(likely) brought her back, killing her off without giving a choice to spare her and potentially a romance option is stupid, as it was one of the major missed opportunities in KOT expansions. She could be a good dark side companion but given that they paired her up with Satele, it seems they're planning some sort of change arc for her(I don't want to use the term redemtpion since it might imply her becoming 100% good which doesn't suit her).

We have hints that Satele knows the truth about Syl's new identity and i think this relationship can make for an interesting narrative. Vaylin and Satele have some thematic parallels with other characters, Satele is a mother who gave away her son, Theron away and therefore strained his relationship with him. On the other hand, Vaylin is a child who was also given away by her mother and now deeply resents her for it. They are on the opposites side of this abandonment dynamic and perhaps them forging a bond can alter their outlook on those relationships? Satele is exactly the kind of person Vaylin needs, strong and empathetic, she can offer Vaylin guidance and handle whatever stunts she decides to pull, there's a lot of potential there.

What do people think about their future? How could it change depending on how player dealt with Senya, Arcann, and Theron? One thing I hope they don't do is make Vaylin recruitable only if you spare her family in KOTET, she's more than just an accesory to them and her arc shouldn't revolve around them. Not saying there can't be interactions if they're alive, but it shouldn't be the core of it. And one thing I really hope does happen is that Vaylin gets help and support that she really needs after all the trauma of her life.

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