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Moving the group/raid/companion windows around


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I tried using the search function but its clogged to death with whine posts.


Does anyone know if I can move these windows around?


The raid window conflicts with my right hotkey bar and that's default.


I'd like to know if i'm missing something because I can not move them normally.



Thank you in advance.

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I am assuming the following process still works, not in EGA at the moment but this did work in the last beta.


1. Enable Operation (Raid) Frames all the time by going to Preferences > User Interface and then scroll to the bottom (here you can also change health bar width and height).

2. Right click the icon at the top of the operation frame (four little people) and select Unlock from the context menu that opens (if you are having problems clicking the icon due to the side bar getting in the way turn it off and then back on again once you have moved the frames).

3. Drag the bars to a location of your choosing.


For a video of configuring your UI including operations frames please use the link below.



At the moment I believe that it is impossible to move the companion or party frames.


Hope that helps.





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