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Payment issues never fixed


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I recently resubscribed after being gone since 2019. Every credit card I tried to use on the SWTOR site gave me an error. I decided to download and subscribe via Steam to work around the problem.

Steam let me pay, but the subscription was not applied to my SWTOR account. Fortunately, EA customer service was willing to resolve the issue quickly after e-mailing them a few screenshots. I Googled "ea swtor subscription steam" to find the solution.

I probably could have saved some time by e-mailing support@swtor.com first to let them know that payments weren't working on the SWTOR site.

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It is a problem related to EU law-making. It will kill SWTOR before 2023 is over because all European players will be affected by it and wont be able to subscribe, unless BW pulls out the fingers blocking a certain access point to the lower body, and implements the new payment methods that European banks has to use now. My sub was also auto cancelled because of this. Now I run on playtime card, and when that runs out, I will leave permanently unless BW unclog them selves. 

Edit; I am surprised as it is, that BW dont know about this and has a solution for it. EA has already done it, because they found out they lose out on money, so believe me, they reacted fast. Why BW cant do the same, and fast (we have February 2023 now, this became a thing in November 2022), is just a sign that SWTOR will close down at the end of 2023. So the real Masterplan for SWTORS future has been revealed now. 

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