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Question about PTS Server testing


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SWTOR launcher, not Steam?

In the lower-left corner of the Launcher should be a button that allows you to select between the PTS and normal servers. Click on the one you want and press the 'Save' button, then click the 'Play' button on the launcher.

If that button isn't in the lower left corner, go into the Settings Menu (click on your user name and it should have a little gear icon and 'Settings') and make sure that "Enable Play Test Server" is checked. If not, check it and press the "Save" button. It should take you back out to your launcher and the button should now be there.

Hope this helps.

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Yes, that's what it looks like when you haven't logged in. Log in.

Upper right corner will be your user name, click it. A dropdown menu will appear.

Click Settings.

Under "Enable PTS Access" select 'Yes'.

Click save.

Then in the lower left corner, an icon to select PTS or 'normal' server should appear.


You have to have already logged into the launcher to switch between PTS and 'normal' servers.

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