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  1. I thought this might help new players having trouble naming their characters... Someone posted to a social media platform that you simply take a two-word food item and switch the first sounds of the words. 'Potato Chips', for example, would become 'Chato Potips' or 'Taco Salad' would become 'Saco Talad'. Cheesy names, nowhere on the level of 'Luke Skywalker' or 'Biggs Darklighter', but easy to create and fun to think about.
  2. Perhaps, though that could also refer to Jadus,
  3. Yeah, I looked into it further and Vowrawn's status is... spotty. He's a member of the Dark Council during the Origin Stories, and he's shown kneeling before Arcann when the Eternal Empire Conquest happens, but when The Outlander is defrosted, Lana specifically states that Acina is the only survivor of the old Council, implying Vowrawn's death... then he shows up alive again later on. Which means either someone made a slip-up with Lana's dialogue or Vowrawn may have faked his death for a time for some reason, depending on which someone thinks is a better answer...
  4. Let's see if I can find anything, it's been a few years. ...Yeah, here's something about the problem; from a player, though, not from a Dev, but I think it was part of the reason that DvL was pulled IIRC...
  5. If my memory is certain, part of the reason the DvL system was removed (and would need a massive if not complete overhaul before it could be brought back) involved people who were misusing it to prevent other people from being able to gain rewards.
  6. It took me a bit to place the achievement you were talking about... The simple reason is that this achievement, finding the X in the Rishi stronghold, is a certifiable pain in the Hutt. You can't directly reach it by going off the platform towards it, the water is lethal and will kill you the moment you touch it. Instead, you have to follow a nearly-invisible circuitous route of jumping rocks and shimmying around pillars to get over to the far platform before you can then take the bridge there down to dry land and get the achievement. It's, frankly, annoying - more so when you consider that there's decoration hooks on the far platform that you'll have to repeat the exercise to get to if you ever really want to make use of them. Here, have a Y-T video that shows the path; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60A6MgeKGy4&pp=ygUTc3d0b3IgaW5jb25zcGljdW91cw%3D%3D
  7. Especially since she's actually more out of the way where she is now. I can't speak for anyone else, but after "The Archive", I usually still have to finish the Cairns/Promised Ones mission (and Rakghoul side-mission for it), so I can't even use the little 'Return to Entrance' button they've put next to 'The Archive' itself because I still have things to do in the tunnels before I can turn it in...
  8. I think he means the Player Character, not the NPC, and we don't tend to talk as much as NPCs do for some reason... Honestly, it wouldn't even have to be the exact dialogue, just more accurate than the choice wheel showing "I like cheese" and when we select it what our character actually says is "I hate bananas"...
  9. And like the linked page mentions, there's the Resurrected Consular's armor set that can be collected by turning in Command Crate: Ancient Artifacts (I believe is the name) to Sana-Rae on Odessan after Chapter IX: The Alliance of KOTFE. The only drawback there is that the rewards are randoms, so expect to receive Inquisitor armor, other kinds of Consular armor, companion gifts, decorations and even mounts in the process of trying to complete the set, besides duplicates of pieces you already have...
  10. Agreed; at the moment, there's only three fully-Twi'lek friendly headgear and they're all full-helmets (Paxton Rall's, the Savastean (sp?) Royalty and the Twi'lek Mandalorian), more 'lighter' pieces would be nice to see.
  11. Agreed; it's not even a case of the displayed option being a generic version and then the character saying something more Origin-specific (i.e., a Trooper saying "Yes, sir!" or a Smuggler saying "Sure thing", when the option is simply "Yes".) Sometimes, what actually gets said is almost one-eight-zero degrees off from what the option implies and thus invokes a similarly opposite reaction from what we the players are wanting. (i.e.; the option being "You doubted me?" and a Sith Warrior's dialogue being "There's no place for fools like you in the Empire.")
  12. Jadus' whereabouts are unknown, with no proof of life or death. The only thing we can be near-certain of is that he approved (or at least didn't prevent) the disbandment of Imperial Intelligence (The Hand of Jadus can demand of Razer to know if Jadus knew what was happening and Razer informs them that ALL of the Dark Council had agreed), and wasn't mentioned when Darth Marr formed Sith Intelligence as having any involvement, then Darth/Empress Acina is specifically stated as being the only member of the 'old' Dark Council to have survive the Eternal Empire invasion, so it can at the least be considered that, whether he's alive or dead, Darth Jadus is no longer (as of SoR and the Knights duology) a member of the Dark Council.
  13. "Where the REAL money from the movie is made!" Went looking, two things; I correct myself, it was Lana and SATELE, not Senya. Also, it seems that it might have been BioWare in-house.
  14. If the in-game text chat is that empty (and I'm not sure I agree.... it may just be where and when you're playing that makes it seem that way), part of the blame may fall on the proliferation of out-of-game chat systems, both text and voice, over the years...
  15. While I can almost see 'Life Day Sweaters' (maybe one featuring the Kyyyshk Life Day Choir, even) as a possibility, how would you define 'ugly'? I'm not sure that's as impossible as you think... Didn't they partner with someone to release cosplay templates for Senya and Lana's outfits a couple years ago?
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