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Yet again, fix the planetary Guild control banner


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At first sight, this doesn't seem to be much of an issue, since the banner is just a small item at the top of the screen.

However, the *MAJOR* problem it causes is that as long as it is visible on the screen, tooltips stop working.

This needs to be fixed.  Period.  Do something, because all to often it does not fade out properly.

After it's been there for some length of time, add a 'X' button so we can force it closed.  Give us an option to disable them completely, because to be totally honest, I don't give a Bantha's backside who controls any given planet.  Fix the fadeout.

But *DO* *SOMETHING* because the current state of affairs is a major quality of life problem.


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One also can't click anything behind that banner when it pops up. If you have your quickbars or anything else that's clickable in a position that it overlaps, that's a huge problem as well.

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