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Ionic Discharge Tactical needs to be reworked


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I'm sorry but this tactical is completely broken at least in PVP scenarios which is what this tactical was mainly used for. There are very few defensives in this game that can stand up to the insane burst this tactical gives. I get it this tactical is fun to mess around with as I have played with it. However this Tactical can nuke a tank's health bar in seconds, same goes for classes like commando or vanguard. Bioware needs to rework this tactical like they did with Defel for Maras.

The other thing is that this tactical is very easy to set up to get the massive number, Even pre-nerfed Tactics/AP couldn't get a TTK this fast, and that was survivable granted you popped your defensives at the right time. 

Which leads to the tactical's biggest balancing issue; The Damage 

Very few classes can survive it, even mandos/mercs with their shields barely stand up to the damage. 

Engi/Sab is already performing well right now both in PVE and PVP, so the excuse that people will say that ionic brings burst is redundant. Engi/Sniper is still performing quite strong in the current meta, with Virulence/Dirty Fighting slightly behind it, and Marksman at the bottom. 

So Here are some possible Reworks Bioware could do. 

- Remove the flat 50% bonus damage or reduce it to like 15%, The biggest contender in why this tactical is broken is you can stack bonus damage percentages by selecting certain passives in the skill tree. 

-The tactical can remain the same BUT, at the cost of Explosive probes cooldown being increased by 15 secs, making explosive probe an ability that can only be used every 30 seconds. 

I'm sure there are more, But I'm still trying to keep this tactical to what it was by providing the extra burst but by balancing it so that you cannot Nuke someone's health bar.

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I know, god forbid a sniper actually has some utility in PVP. I think its mental that they have one ability that does high burst damage, its just so unfair.

They are already so overpowered with their added healing on roll, the boosted healing in cover, all of their other sources of healing, all of their many mobility/defensive/survivability traits coming as standard, i really understand why you would feel the need to make this post.


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hmm snipers being able to burst while having no way to cleanse or heal while also doing mediocre DPS outside of the burst for single target DPS.

Engineers are great at AOE so I guess their job should only be laying down AOEs on objectives?

Other classes have defensives. Stealth classes can vanish, I had an assassin constantly vanish or break LOS when I was setting up my EMP with Series of Shots. Some classes have the ability to 100% dodge incoming attacks for a short time, other classes can absorb most of the damage. Some even reflect damage. If you are a sorc, go in with your teleport skill ready to take you out of the 35 meter range.

From what I am being told Marauders have even more burst than Engineers and they get a cloaking ability.

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