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Where Are Planetary Vendors?


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Edit: Okay, I just found out that 7.1 added new planetary vendors. I had no idea these were added. Maybe I missed them in the patch notes. Anyways, this is what I found: https://swtorista.com/articles/new-planetary-specialty-goods-armor-sets/ It appears to show maps with the location for each vendor. Hope that helps and sorry for any confusion.


Original message: If you're looking for the ones that used to sell stuff for planetary comms, most of them were removed a while back. Yes, this means many of their items, particularly unique "looks" for outfitter are gone. For some of them, there are alternative outfitter looks from other sources, but for others, players are still waiting for Bioware to add those looks back in some form. It's been years and Bioware hasn't done anything about it so far. I doubt they will at this point.

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