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Endgame PVE damage modifier


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This is a mechanic that exists in the game not something that needs to be invented. However it would need to be modified.


As it stands there are deliberate decisions made on how much damage output a spec is allowed to do.


I'm pretty sure it's mostly PVP oriented because that's where not only your damage but your type of damage and everything else about the class comes into play. Also because PVP is where the overwhelming volume of complaining comes from.


Casual content and open world is quite irrelevant.


But what it also means is that in organised PVE which is primarily a straight up damage competition where none or little of the other factors apply, X spec is guaranteed to be inferior to Y spec.


The suggestion is



  • you commit to balancing for PVP
  • take the existing mechanic of nightmare crystals to grant a buff to a currently equipped spec that normally has a damage penalty to be competitive with the highest output allowed in PVE.


Exactly like a nightmare crystal, it would require you to be in an operation (or flashpoint) (of any difficulty) and vanishes if you leave the instance for any reason. Shouldn't need to have a significant cost but maybe an opportunity for a crew skill to make a consumable.


Yes it's a bit of busywork for a player to understand and get a fair shot in organised PVE but it will be very far from the hardest thing if the goal is to do operations.


Got your stim? Got 110% accuracy? Got your PVE buff? etc



It could be a realistic solution to the 1 size fits all compromise balance and further allow better PVE tuning as the range of expected output from the players will be shrunk dramatically.

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