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Warrior/Knight Specialties - Looking for Recommendations


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I’m newly returned and just finished the story on an imperial agent. The AOE was awesome but being a literal turret behind a shield wasn’t my style and I am looking to play a melee force user next


I’ve narrowed it down to a Sith Warrior which mirrors the Jedi Knight


Looking for feedback from those with more experience. Hopefully this is a fun discussion that can be helpful to other new or returning players trying to get a feel for how these specs all function


These are my options and criteria


Juggernaut (Guardian)

  • Immortal (Defense)
  • Vengeance (Vigilance)
  • Rage (Focus)


Marauder (Sentinel)

  • Annihilation (Watchman)
  • Carnage (Combat)
  • Fury (Concentration)



  • Fast paced action
  • Mobility
  • Instant abilities
  • Solid AoE



  • Managing dot timers
  • Positional requirements
  • “Fiddly combinations”


Things I need

  • Easy, fast and fun progression through story mode
  • Respectable Master difficulty flashpoint contribution once we get to that level of required skill
  • Respectable group PVP contribution


Things I don’t need

  • Tanking
  • S-Tier operations DPS raid logging
  • S-Tier PVP ability


Our Group

  • Immortal Jug
  • Hatred Assassin
  • Medicine Operative

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I would suggest my favorite class/spec. Combat Sentinel/Carnage Mara.


The combat spec is fast paced; nearly all abilities are instant with 2 exceptions: Blade barrage and force stasis. Blade barrage is a channeled damage ability. you will likely find that Blade barrage has limited use in combat spec and not use it much, if at all. most guides do not include in in the rotations.


force stasis is a channeled CC ability. if playing in a group, you will likely find it of limited use.


overall Combat/carnage spec plays fast; and relies on weapon abilities are instant cast and will have good up time on target. this spec is a "builder/spender" spec. meaning you use basic abilities to build focus/rage which in turn you spend to use your more powerful abilities. once you get the hang of it, it will flow well. this is one of the specs that plays the fastest.


if you need/want a guide start with this one: https://vulkk.com/2021/04/16/swtor-6-0-combat-sentinel-guide-by-dantiko/#h-intro


Note: all specs for sentinel/mara or Guardian/Jugg are in the "builder/spender" category.

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I'll pitch in my opinion based on playing Combat Sentinel and Immortal Jugg for 8yrs and branching out into the other disciplines during Onslaught.


From your needs/dislikes,

-Immortal Jugg is out since it's a tank and won't be the fastest through story content

-Vengeance Jugg is a DoT class BUT the cooldowns of your main skills line up so well, you don't have to track their durations. Plus they have an awesome rotational AoE attack that spreads DoTs and are great for Master FP encounters. Based on your likes/dislikes, still a contender

-Watchman Marauder is a DoT spec, and by your indications probably more "fiddly" than you want (remembering to reapply rupture, hitting overcharged saber all the time, etc....). Great for Master FPs/Ops, but further from your preferred style

-Carnage Marauder (See Sounder's description) is a burst spec with fast abilities, alacrity(attack speed) boosts, and decent mobility, but no real buffed AoE. Often called the basic/easy marauder spec for leveling. I mean, I played the jedi equiv for 8 yrs, so it's still fun.

<What I think fits your description best is Rage Jugg or Fury Marauder> I'm going to talk to them both because they're essentially the same offensively (Jugg has the defensives, Marauder has the stealth and raid buffs, but that's pretty much all the difference)

Rage/Fury is fast, abilities are instant, mobility is great (rotational leaping attack Obliterate), AoE gets big buff from the discipline passives and other abillties, good sustained burst capability. etc...

Check out Merlyn's Fury Maruader guide and look at the Advanced Opener/Rotation. Only difference between Jugg/Mara is you'll use Enrage vs Berserk , Retaliation vs Vicious Assault, and Sunder vs Battering Assault.

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Which would be best for mowing through story content all the way to max level?


I know with my sniper it would have been nice to have any stealth, but the fact that I could destroy a pack of non elites with a single press and silver elites with two made it easy to just kill everybodything


Hiding behind the shield all the time sucked

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all the 6 of the specs for these classes will be good for the leveling experience. The tank spec (which you are probably not interested in) will be the slowest.


the 5 DPS specs will all get the job done; so I would say to level with the spec that you enjoy and intend to use at end game. Mobs die so fast in the leveling content that you will not really need to dig too deep into your rotation.

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