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Skytrooper droid companion/customizations?

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I recently purchased the C8 Droid Companion because I wanted a different staff companion other than Hexid. And I thought having a "training droid" would be cool.


However, the C8 droid is one of many droids available through the Cartel Market that doesn't have any sort of a customization option.


Combining this with some requests I've seen for adding Skytrooper comps, would there be any chance we could get a handful of Skytrooper customizations for the bipedal droid companions?


I understand there are really only three or four types of Skytrooper, while we have Droid companions that use pretty much every weapon type available. So perhaps the splash text could even read something like "This chassis appeared to have a faulty detonation to it. Perhaps you can install the processor of your favorite droid into it?"

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