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Mythosaur Hunter's Helmet Texture Bug


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I've noticed a very glaring bug with the texture of the Mythosaur Hunter's Helmet. For some reason, the texture for the neck portion of the helmet does not go all the way to the head/neck seam of the character model. The missing texture results in being able to see all the way through the character model and it really cheapens an otherwise well-designed armor set. So far I've noticed the issue on every gender and body type combination that I have a character for. The bug is very evident with male body type 3 and it is visible when wearing most chest pieces because the neck texture barely goes below the jawline. Image links below.


Because of this issue, the helmet can only really be used with the matching chest piece. Hopefully, it's just a case of missing texture because I would expect a bit more from a Cartel Market item.


Male Body Type 2

Male Body Type 3

Male Body Type 3 (with non-matching chest piece)


Female Body Type 1

Female Body Type 2

Female Body Type 3

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Hi Beokerus,


Thanks for reporting the gap issue when equipping your character with the Mythosaur Hunter's Helmet.


Our team is aware of this bug and is currently looking into it. For visibility, I'll add this bug to the known issue list.

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