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I've returned after quite some time and am seeking a guild to reacclimate myself with. A bit of my history:


Day 1 player, got server first clears of EV and EC. Could have had KP, but our counterparts on Pub side did KP the night we did EV, and we swapped the next night. In the early days, I mained an Op healer, then switched to Pyro PT to demonstrate how broken that thing was. I took a break, and came back for S&V, now playing a Jugg/JK. I was super active in the jugg community and one of the most known and knowledgeable theorycrafters for the class back in the day. In that period, I posted some top-end fight parses, not just for Juggs, but in general. I took a break again after the fiasco that was Class Reps, and came back at the tail end of DF/DP in a more casual role.


None of that really matters anymore, since I don't know any of the new (to me) content, and learning the changed classes is going to take a bit. I'm looking for a place where I can get into some of the endgame content with good people. I have my three classes above at 75 and in hodgepodge 306 gear, but everything else is at 65 and wouldn't take too long to get up. No preference on Imp/Pub.

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