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[WEEKLY] Veteran Flashpoints is missing a couple Veteran FP in the list.


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The weekly veteran flashpoints quest is missing a couple of veteran FP in its list:


Kaon Under Siege

Lost Island


Both of these dungeons are on the Filter for Vet FP's in the activity finder.


However, both of these are on the Weekly MM Flashpoints quest and also in the filter for MM FP's activity finder.


Here are some screenshots for you.


Vet FP weekly quest: https://ibb.co/hBpKPyL

Vet FP filter in activity finder: https://ibb.co/Yd47dBb


MM FP weekly quest: https://ibb.co/54dGvrp

MM FP filter in activity finder: https://ibb.co/yqYbRzk


**Please add those two to the list this way folks that are doing random veteran fp's aren't getting punished for having to run those two dungeons and not get credit for the weekly quest. Otherwise please remove them from the Vet FP list.

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  • Dev Post

Hi Ibokagain,


Thanks for the report regarding Kaon Under Siege and Lost Island Flashpoints not being in the [Weekly] Veteran Flashpoints list.


This bug is a known issue that you can find here: Game Update 6.3 - Known Issues.

  • The following Flashpoints are not counting toward the progress of the [WEEKLY] Veteran Flashpoints:
    • Kaon Under Siege
    • Lost Island

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