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New Disguise Terminals


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Can we get some new disguise terminals please? :)


I would especially like to see disguises for species that don't have many customization options or those that are normally used as background characters like Bothans, war droids, and Jawas. I would also like to see holoprojector variations on future disguises.


I think most of the suggestions from this older thread are also still valid.


First I want to take a moment to thank and compliment the devs who came up with this utility decoration.

Not only will it let you change your race, you can also change gender and do interesting emotes.

In particular, I love how we can become holo-dancers like you often see in cantinas.


It looks like there are four Disguise Terminals in the game --

* Hutt and Cantina Dancer (male or female) from the Cartel Market

* Imperial and Republic Troopers from Ossus reputation


What other disguises would be useful for roleplay or just plain fun?


Here's what I'd like to see:

* Wookie -- How long have we gone without wookie players or personnel? Let's get some wookie love! Male, female, armored, and Life Day variations.

* Astromech Droid -- Let's have emotes that let us make the classic sounds, serve drinks, etc. Blue, red, rusty, and gold bling variations.

* Jawa -- Few things are more iconic, especially to fans of the classic trilogy. Plain, tool-wielding technician, and heavily armed variations.

* Kawakian Lizard Monkey -- With the iconic, nasty little laugh. Brown, red, and cyborg variations.

* Protocol Droid -- Who doesn't want to be shiny and prissy? Imperial and Republic variations.

* Tusken Raider -- Won't we look cool riding a bantha as one of these? Tan, brown, and russet robe variations.

* Sullustan. -- Another classic species. Pilot, technician, and cantina bartender variations.

* Mon Calamari -- Heroes of the Republic! Brown, grey, and spotted variations.

* Kel Dor -- An interesting and under-represented race. Jedi and civilian variations.

* Devaronian -- Some of the most interesting scoundrels. Male and female variations.

* Gungan -- Kidding! Just a joke! Don't do one of these, honestly.

* Porg -- Still kidding! But they would make great pets...


What would you like to be? A Black Sun Houk? A fierce Talz? A Gand or Trandoshan?

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