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  1. Thank you for the follow up and for the bugfixes. The extra effort to fix this stuff is appreciated. I hope this doesn't result in crunch time development.
  2. While Galactic Seasons isn't my favorite activity, it takes me out of my way most of the time, I appreciate that the story feels better integrated with this season. Story progression will convince me to work towards goals more than the rewards. Hopefully, more time will be put into the lore behind each season. However, I might keep going so I can save up for Paxton Rall. It's gonna take me a lot of seasons, but I'll get there eventually.
  3. Please reduce the contrast in the new UI elements. It actually hurts to look at things, especially the inventory. It feels like I have to strain to tell clearly what I am looking at or it is just eye-straining to have the windows open on the screen.
  4. A tutorial or something would be nice. It is unfortunately not as intuitive as I needed. I had to do random clicking around as well before I figured out what was going on.
  5. I was finally able to get through on steam. Thank you.
  6. I would like to see more replayable chapters that feature standalone stories centered around a particular companion. While I, personally, would like to see a lot of different companions featured in such chapters, I believe that love interests would make a better Cartel Market offering. The occasional, non-love interest companion might be a good candidate to be released for free or offered as a reward of gameplay. Key Feature Requests Focuses mostly on a single companion. Story is standalone so it is not dependent on fitting snuggly into the main galaxy spanning story Has a mission portion that uses more world interaction mechanics. Has a downtime potion that uses interactive cutscene mechanics. Provides influence with the companion when it is completed. The influence granted is proportional to the time needed to complete the chapter. Further Thoughts Potential Pros Potential Cons Companions I Would Like to Have Chapters For Rass Ordo Jekiah Ordo Corso Riggs Holiday (she has to come back eventually ) T7‑O1 Aric Jorgan M1-4X HK-55 Talos Drellik Juvard Illip Oggurobb Blizz Paxton Rall
  7. Ok, I can go with you on Quinn. I can go with you on Theron. I can even go with the people who like Vector and those that take a shot at Malgus... But I have to part ways with you on Skavak. I would take Khem Val before I took Skavak. However, I have been reading this thread for a while now Sarova, and I'm not so convinced you wouldn't hand over your Bank card for a Quinn-centric repeatable chapter with multiple fade to blacks. Maybe even hand over that pin number if they toss in a DLC kinda scene in the Comannder's/Wrath's room. I'll go see about making a new suggestion thread in the CM Suggestion board. Edit: Here's the link to the thread. Have at. https://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=9961130#post9961130
  8. It might just be a matter of the game being 10 years old. If we are fortunate, that kind of dialogue wheel upgrade will be coming soon. Also, I prefer knowing what my character is gonna say, but that dialogue wheel is like the twitter of the SWTOR universe. They can only put so many characters there.
  9. There are a lot but a few of the standout ones, even now, are Along that same line, Another one that is sad but a good one was Another emotionally resonant scene was To toss in older cutscenes that I liked. Here's my thoughts about Bowdaar's alliance alert that I actually put in a thread at the time I did it. I love interacting in cute and fun ways with my companions. Sassing NPCs is pretty fun too. On that note, the Profit and Plunder Chapter deserves a few shoutouts. Here my thoughts about my favorite parts from another thread. I actually really like watching the companions interact with each other and an honorable mention goes out to Koth and HK-55 when discussing the Mynok infestation on the Gravestone. It wasn't a cutscene but that was many gallons of industrial cleaner amusingly spent. Another cute cutscene was that one on Balmorra with Twi'lek (Neuman?) and his droid Sixer or something like that. Flirting with the guy was fun but my favorite part of that cutscene by far was the droid saying "I shouldn't even be listening to this. I'm a family friendly model!", throwing up his hands, and high tailing it out of the scene before the fade to black. A similar one is on Alderaan when my smuggler flirts with the dispossessed nobleman Lenn Teral, something like that. Said nobleman makes some comment to the effect of not blushing like that since he was a boy after something my smuggler says and Corso fires back with "Got news for you, Slick. You're still a boy." I still laugh at that one years later. Corso doesn't get off many good burns but that one was classic and hilarious. It's also ironic considering how often Corso himself comes off as boyish. Oh and speaking of good one-liners, Vaylin and Rass deserve mentions for recent achievements in cutscene greatness. There are so many others and every time I say I'm gonna stop, I think of more... so I'll just arbitrarily stop here.
  10. My character not taking isn't immersion-breaking for me because they are less likely to say something I object to that way. I have my own headcanon responses even when they do talk. But... that video was hilarious. However, I really like one thing about having non-voiced scenes. We aren't stuck to the dialogue wheel and only three choices that way. I normally play female characters, but, for kicks, I made a male bounty hunter one day... I have never felt more railroaded in a game as I have in my conversations with Mako and a few other occasions in that story. The choices I had did not fit and I only had "three". Just as an aside, Flirt > Flirt > Uncalled for Rudeness is not actually a real set of choices... especially when you really don't have a nonromantic choice under the hood. One time! One time I chose the flirt just to avoid being unreasonably rude. I chose polite responses any other time... now, even after having to concede and taking the rude option one of those times, Mako believes she is in a relationship with my bounty hunter. After going through a story that seemed determined to defy the direction I wanted to go in, I do not like being limited to the dialogue wheel now. Although I suppose the moral of that story is, that's what I get for not rolling another female consular.
  11. Ok, it's slightly different than what I am imagining. I was thinking more along the lines of playing as your character but the main NPC you interact with is whichever companion. So, say there was a Zenith Chapter. You might be embarking on some mission near and dear to his heart *cough* free balmorra *cough* and he is your main contact, source of information, partner in mayhem, etc. Like how Theron and Lana have been in a lot of the recent stories. As for getting the HK chapter, I can't save well enough for that. The last time I looked, it was 3k cartel coins and the deco packs usually come in under 2k. I may not have a janitor deco but I have hutts.
  12. Nice! I finally got around to reading this and I enjoyed it. That old rancor struck again. I knew there was something up but I didn't see that coming, which is pretty cool. My favorite part was actually the setting descriptions though. It was effective at getting across where the action was happening without overwhelming the story. It gave just enough relevant detail for the activities in the area to make sense but didn't take 10 minutes to read. I also like how impressions and emotional takes were woven in without getting flowery. The other thing I liked was Jek and Rass. They are quickly becoming my two favorite characters out of this latest batch. I am eager to see more of them and where their story goes! I hope they get to take center stage in several in-game stories, and that's saying something for a person who's not really into Mandos.
  13. I have to admit that it has been a blast to read the unbridled enthusiasm, but it has also been mixed with a bit of dread. I'm only at about page 61, and, at that point, it's still two months out from the actual reunion. Knowing how that reunion was received at the time, I imagine things will be a lot less happy and fun in the thread once I get to the April 2017 portion. However, it does add weight to my suspicions that there could be a lot of interest in repeatable LI companion-centered chapters. It even might be worth selling them in the CM. Not to mention, it could also do double duty effort to allow people the chance to express their displeasure with those companions definitively. I wonder how people would react to standalone "what-if" chapters? By that, I mean non-canon chapters that explore what-if scenarios/stories within the game. They could be in their own timeline but still could potentially check off a few interesting boxes. It could let players and writers explore the roads not taken which could be fun for both. I figured that the writers were bored with what they had to write normally, so we got KOTFE. It was an experiment that might have excited the writers more. I think letting the writers flex their writing muscles and giving players more story content without being handcuffed to the main story could have a lot of merit. On that note, it could potentially allow for more frequent story updates since it wouldn't have to fit neatly into the main story. Imagine chapters where defining moments in the story go in the opposite direction and thus shapes the galaxy differently. Or even, interactions with the companions could follow different paths and the chapter could devote more time to exploring the story implications of those differences. However, the true beauty lies in the fact that each released chapter could be completely divorced from others so there doesn't need to be extensive planning to make sure it stays within the roadmap. I'm sure everyone likes breaking their chains every now and again. The way I am thinking, it basically would be the game equivalent of short stories and could be released whenever one was finished rather than everyone has to wait for a big update. My only sadness with this idea is that I think that writing stories around LIs would be the only economically viable option. Just my observations of opinions and the fact that we don't already have more companion chapters would indicate that most people just don't care enough about other parts of the story to pursue it with the same interest as interacting with LIs. I would love to see more all around. Oh well. Maybe if we ever get standalone LI centric chapters, it might drum interest for others. Maybe we could even get them as replayable side stories rather than outside-of-canon what-ifs. I think that is what the HK chapter is but I haven't ponied up the cartel coins to find out for sure. :/ I suppose I should mention that I would prefer the chapters be 2400 cartel coins or less. I think $20 is more than reasonable for a single story.
  14. Haha, thanks. Can always count on Quninmancers to come through on taking time to appreciate Quinn. However, I'd would be happy if companion decorations didn't display as holos if you are on a character that doesn't have them. Also, Quinn looks nice in casual clothes. I just can't imagine him being comfortable in them.
  15. So, what's up in Quinnmancer land? While I'm not one myself, I think I've maxed out on people complaining about combat styles and pretty much everything else. I could stand to read threads from people actually enjoying something.
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