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PVP Leave Timer


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I only play pvp for this game. I have been having issues some times with loading screens that make me dc. When this happens loading into a pvp match I can not rejoin the match. I then receive a 20 min leave timer that keeps increasing.

I reload the game before the matches start and still cant rejoin. Can I get details on how the leave timer increases and decreases? 1st leave is 20 minutes, what is the 2nd,3rd,4th,5th... and when do they go down or reset? Is it daily or weekly? And what is max timer and how many leaves does it take to get?

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A lot of people hate it and have just stopped playing reg pvp. I hope BioWare are tracking the data to see what’s happening.


But it sounds like you are playing ranked pvp where the deserter debuff is needed to stop players from manipulating the queue.


The simple answer is don’t leave the ranked pvp matches. If you are doing this you are ruining other people’s ranking as well.

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