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The circle is now complete...again.


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Sorry for this incredibly sappy and sentimental post. But I had to make it for two reasons. One, to just say thanks for Echoes of Vengeance. I had a great time and it kind of reminded me of BioWare of old.


Second, because of this old post of mine from 2012:




It's cringe and unnecessarily long, like this post will probably be. But I had to make it because I think it's time to finally retire my main. A JK from back in 2012 that I've been playing ever since. In that post I talked about how my journey started with KOTOR and ended with my JK confronting the emperor. You can even some old screenshots I took of my battle with the emperor at the end of the JK story!


Little did I know I'd be fighting him again and again. But after last night, and fighting alongside Revan (which completely made me nerd out) and the Exile and Satele and basically everyone else connected to the emperor, I do feel my main's story is finally complete, at last. From an RP standpoint, her sole purpose was to stop the emperor in all his forms. And she finally did that.


The last scene in the update when Lana asked, "Where to now?" My JK replied, "Some place quiet."


And that's the perfect way to end my story. She's done. Soooo, thanks again BioWare. It has indeed been an amazing journey! :)

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I'm glad you've had this experience, I played with a Sith Inquisitor but I did felt this update was the end of an era for him.

He had a rivalry with Vitiate for years now, and I love how there is a dialogue option where you can bring up that the core of the Sith is to overcome the master

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