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Echoes of Oblivion Dialogue/Subtitle mismatch


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I'm playing through Echoes of Oblivion as a Smuggler, so I don't know if this is the same for other characters, but I will update it when I play the story with my Sith Warrior. The bug report is in the spoiler tag below:



During the cutscene in the Medical Deck between the Scions, the player and their companions, and the Servents, the first dialogue options seem to be bugged. If you choose option 1: "The Scions are right", it plays the dialogue audio for option 2 "The People of Zakuul never saw their emperor for what he really was", if you choose option 2: "The Hand is right." It plays the dialogue for option 3 "You were all puppets. The man you're so obsessed with never cared about any of you", and if you choose option 3 "All of you were deceived", it will play the dialogue from option 1: "The Sith were a means to an end. That's all."



Now, I know some people might not play the story with a smuggler, but I do, and I just thought I'd report this bug anyways.

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