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  1. No more or less so than the random pass system that is currently in place. In my old guild the guild leader would login every couple weeks to remain active, but would immediately log off and would not respond to messages or in-game mail. All of the officers were inactive and had not logged in in years. There were only three of us who played regularly, with a couple more that would log in every few weeks. When the GL finally missed the cut-off date the leadership did not pass to either of us who were active (one had dropped out). It went to one of the random logins who had last logged in a couple weeks prior. Should have been a simple thing to simply wait out the timer and wait for the system to pass leadership to either one of the two of us who were active. Instead, it passed to the other random login who was about a week from going inactive. Who then logged in a couple days later and booted everyone. Now I only have vanity guilds. Which leads to my next experience with the random pass system. In that case I had dropped my subs. My alt account dropped first and then a couple weeks later my main account dropped to preferred. When I logged in after my main account dropped to preferred the leadership of my guild automatically passed since I was now preferred and only subscribers can lead subscriber guilds. No problem, right? Leadership had passed to another character on my main account, so I logged to that character, and leadership automatically passed to another character on my main account. So I logged to that character, and leadership automatically passed to another character on my main account. Shall I go on, repeating that for all of my characters I have on my main account in that guild? No? Well the game did. After going through every one of the characters on my main account it started passing leadership around the characters on my alt account. It was not until I had logged in on every -- single -- character, with leadership constantly passing from character to character, before the game downgraded my guild to a F2P guild and I was able to reinstate my main as leader. No system is going to be perfect, I understand that, but BW's system is a comedy of poor design. I would much prefer a system that allowed officers to usurp a defunct leader, and then members (or the next on down the hierarchy of ranks) to usurp when there is no one in the next higher rank who is active. Rather than automatically passing leadership when the leader drops to preferred how about a pop-up that informs the GL that the guild will be downgraded to a F2P guild unless they choose to abdicate and pass leadership to the next highest ranked subscriber? And, if there are no subscribers in the guild then how about not passing leadership around to every character in the guild before finally downgrading to a F2P guild? Allowing members to usurp may not be perfect, but it is a far better option than what we have now.
  2. Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same You wanna be where everybody knows Your name.
  3. It is not broken, just different than is used to be. To see the outfit, after you inspect, you have to select the outfit tab.
  4. You miss the point. There was a comment about merging Star Forge and Satele Shan, to which it was replied that it would be preferable to keep them separate due to SF's recent instability, from which came the reply that that would not matter following the move to the cloud. When AWS went down earlier this month it had far reaching consequences including taking down the Boston Globe and New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority. https://www.cnn.com/2023/06/13/tech/amazon-web-services-outage/index.html An AWS outage would mean the entire game is down.
  5. Well, save for when AWS is down. Which it was earlier this month.
  6. Sorry, but you remember incorrectly. Free to play launched with update 1.5 on 15 November 2012. The first server merge occurred on 18 September 2012 when the high population servers came online. That took the server list from 100+ servers down to 20. The second merge occurred on 13 August 2013 when the APAC servers were closed. 20 servers down to 17. The third merge occurred on 8 November 2017. That took the server list from 17 down to 5. The greatest loss in number of servers occurred prior to F2P. Yes, United Forces took us from 17 to 5 servers, but that was primarily just consolidating the regional servers (PVE, PVE-RP, and PVP) into a single server.
  7. How about a portable ray and deflector shield emitter that can only be used outside of combat, requires constant channelling to maintain, protects against all forms of damage, and can not be interrupted? It would work like a regen toy, but the use timer would be 20-mins, which is the amount of time you can stand around before getting booted to character select. If you need to go afk for a bit you can activate your shield emitter and walk away knowing that for the next 20-mins you are protected. Of course, that would not stop your companion from taking damage, would not stop other players from gathering around you in PVP instances, ready to global you once your shield drops, and would not stop mobs from agroing on you, just damaging you, so that when you did come back you may find yourself alone, comp dead, and surrounded by hostiles.
  8. That is completely irrelevant to the matter. The issue is that BW decided to make a change that they were told would have adverse affects and they moved forward with that change regardless. They were told that their taxation system for trades would impact bartering, philanthropy, and trading amongst friends / guildies and they did not care.
  9. In-game mail expires after a time (28-days) and is automatically deleted with any attachments. Mail from one character to another is returned after that time period and then deleted. How long was your friend away? If it was for more than a couple months then that would explain what happened.
  10. That is exactly what they are planning with a complete GTN overhaul. The taxation of direct trades and mail as it is currently is a stopgap measure until the complete overhaul. The problem is that their stopgap is bollocks. They want to encourage the GTN to be the primary means of trade in the game, but with the current taxation of trade and mail they have effectively destroyed bartering, philanthropy, and sharing amongst friends / guildies. There should not be a tax applied on trades or mail that do not include credits. Yes, people are using goods as de facto currencies. That is a symptom of inflation and the devaluation of credits, but that bartering does not increase inflation. Making the tax on credits in trade and mail higher than the GTN would encourage people to sell on the GTN. Raising the GTN limit would eliminate direct trade as a necessity for many items. The argument that people will just bake in the tax with the cost is irrelevant because that is what many traders have been doing for years, irrespective of inflation. Their current system relies upon them (BW) accurately accessing the value of items and responding quickly enough when those values change in order to adjust the tax calculated upon their valuation. I have no confidence in their ability to do this on an ongoing basis until they finally get around to their GTN overhaul.
  11. Umm, hello. They said back on 10 November 2021 that DvL tokens would be added back in a later update. It has only been 1 year, 7 months, and 13 days. Just 19 months and 13 days. Just 84 weeks and 2 days. Just 590 days. Just 14,160 hours. Just 849,600 minutes. Just 50,976,000 seconds. They have not had time yet to come up with a plan! WHY ARE YOU SO IMPATIENT?!?!?! /s (in case anyone missed that)
  12. I will not be uninstalling, but after I am done with the season, just need a couple more weeks to finish up on the three Euro servers, I will be dropping my subs (both) and spending my money on DDO. Which, for the cost of 60-days sub here, $29.99 USD, I get 90-days sub there, and it sates my D&D appetite.
  13. I am completely on board with pointing out BW's failures and poor decisions, but this is actually not one of them. Tier 1 and 2 green gifts from gift vendors have been 200 and 600 credits for years. Dulfy's guides have not been updated in years. The main site is no longer even accessible and has to be viewed through the internet archive. Here is Dulfy's Companion Influence guide. Scroll down to Companion Gifts and you will see that tier 1 and 2 gifts cost 200 and 600 credits back then, as well. https://web.archive.org/web/20230202021115/http://dulfy.net/2015/10/21/swtor-fallen-empire-companion-influences-guide/
  14. You are correct on the taxing credits part. I misread a prior dev post and have struck that part from my post. Interestingly, credits in trade are taxed at 8%. That said, that does not change the fact that bartering should not be taxed. Trading amongst friends, swapping one good for another, crafting for someone using their provided materials, none of these affect inflation. None of these are the cause for the inflation we have seen. The use of goods as de facto currencies, such as Cartel Crates and RPM's / OEM's, only became a thing after values began to exceed the credit limit. That is a symptom of the inflation we are seeing. The sole cause of the inflation we are seeing is BW. Their policies, their practices, their ideology. And now to address the matter they are lowering the quality of life of players. Their reason is bollocks, their system if rubbish, and I can not wait until Broadsword takes over. Yes, I do see that you agree. I am just ranting.
  15. No, no, you misunderstand. They are totally charging 8%, but it is not 8% of the value of the item as it is currently listed on the GTN, or 8% of however much you want to price the item at, it is 8% of whatever value they decided to attach to the item based upon a median value of all items of that type across all servers, as well as, arcane pseudo-science extracted from the aether of an Archfey's nether loins. And since that value was based upon that particular alignment of starts, planets, and an Archfey's haemorrhoids, that 8% will not be representative of the current value of the item. Which is why something may be selling for 200 million on the GTN but has a tax of 200 million because at the particular moment when BW looked at their database of totally real numbers the item was valued at 2.5 billion. Here is a post by JoeStramaglia showing some examples of how they decided to tax items. Notice how almost every single one of those example tax values is actually over 8%, some going over 11%. Which proves they just made up whatever value they wanted. https://forums.swtor.com/topic/929203-pts-economic-balance-changes/page/2/#comment-9758139 - be certain to go to the prior BW post to see Joe's explanation And since those tax values are set until they decide to update their database, the taxes will never be representative of the current value of the item. Which is why they should not have attached a tax to trades, or mail did not have credits involved, and just taxed the credits. But apparently that would have taken work because there is currently no way to calculate tax on the credits in a trade widow or attached to a mail. Because, by Mephistopheles, it is too much to ask that they implement a proper solution.
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