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Increase the lockout timer on story-mode operation bosses


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Story-mode operations are fast enough when the whole team already knows the operation, but if half the team is new to them then the usual 1 to 1 1/2 hour run can end up being doubled.


That's a long time commitment for 8 people. I don't think I've finished an entire Gods run with the same group I started yet. Invariably someone has to leave before the end.


It's hard to teach operations to newer players this way.


There is currently an 8 hour lockout on story-mode bosses, which is pretty much useless for teaching ops to new players. There is no point to having an 8 hour lockouts; except to let people farm conquest points, or use LBLO for alts.


A 48 hour (or at least 24 hour) lockout would let you disband a team and pick it up again another night to finish the OP with the same players you started with.


My preference would be a 72 hour lockout, but at this stage even 24 would be nice to have. This 8 hour lockout is a boon to experienced players, and useless to newer ones.

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