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Horse From the Machine Gods Progression Thread

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HORSE? horse big stong horse walking in prairie lalalalala but horse see hat!!!! :confused: hat closer closer horse is chill he eating grass nomnomnom :cool: but hat closer closer horsy bit scary :( oh noe it's a boi catcher cows!!!! :eek: horse scary now and does big hihihihihihi and runs!!!! :( cow boi catcher bery angry :mad: you not run from me horsy!!!! cow boi tries catch horsy!!! but horsy too quick!!! :cool: horsy move move move but boi catcher is angry :mad: he summons cow and cow says moo moo and does pain to horsy :eek: horsy bery tired oh noooo :( then boi catcher sling balls to horsy face :mad: he sit on top of horsy scream yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa horsy very very mad now :mad: he start glow and music start!!!!!!! white glow horsy start changin :D cowboi scary now music end and horsy not hosry anymore and stop glow boi cow catcher gets scan laptop he got frum mr tree and it says horsy = seadra :eek::eek::eek: seadra very stronk boom pow bubble gum to the face dumb boi cow catcher :cool: stupid cow gets water jet in milk for paining horseadra kapow :cool: boi catcher cow run run run seadra happy eat grass again nomnom :D
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