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PSA - can't get into warzone from my ship


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I submitted this as a bug in game, and over in the bug forum. But I've seen a few reports of "pvp queues broken" here and there, and just in case this observation helps explain any of them...


I can't enter a PvP warzone from my ship.


I've tried this multiple times over a couple days. If I am on my ship, I can queue for a PvP warzone and it will 'pop'. Then I click to enter it, and the dialog just goes away silently and I'm still in the queue.


Then I exit my ship to the fleet (for example), and it works fine.


Go back to my ship, and I can't get in again.


Back to the fleet... works fine.




Seems 100% consistent.


No idea if anyone else is experiencing the same though.

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Hmm, you used to be able to. I would queue for wz while doing a space mission in the old days :D


Right, I know. I used to do this all the time also, especially during the rackghoul events. Hate those things. I noticed it this time because I was trying to practice/learn a sentinel rotation with the PvP dummy on my ship. :( New bug since the latest patch.

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