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The change to ruthless aggressor utility: end of Annihilation marauder


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As a player who's main is fury marauder i fully agree that ruthless aggressor utility needs to be nerfed/changed since having cc immunity from force crush + tech/force resistance from obfuscate provides inconceivable amount of cc/stun/push immunity making from fury marauder an unstoppable machine of killing, leaving no chances for other classes to escape their damage.


HOWEVER, is it clever to take this utility from annihilation marauder? This spec doesn't have any other cc immunity compared to fury mara, and together with vengeance juggernaut it has pretty unstable capability. Annihilation/vengeance dot spread is unstable because the ability these specs are using for dot spread has a cooldown (While dot sin and engi sniper doesn't have cooldowns on their main aoe abilities). Having a cooldown on a dot spread ability makes both vengeance juggernaut and annihilation marauder depend on situation and enemy team's incompetence, otherwise when you get all your dots on enemy right before using smash/vengeful slam for dot spread - you will get stun/push/cc etc or clever enemies who are skilled enough to watch simultaneously their cds and what enemy team is doing will step aside/draw back right in the moment you use your smash/vengeful slam which will result in fail dot spread.


Currently annihilation marauder is viable thanks to ruthless aggressor which provides him some resistance giving a chance not be stunned/pushed/cc'ed while spreading dots but as we all know developers decided to remove resistance buff from ALL marauder specs. I am pretty sure that with current changes to ruthless aggressor utility annihilation marauder will be pretty useless both in solo ranked and team ranked due to its weak capability in dot spread.


Moreover, annihilation marauder will be even less useful than vengeance juggernaut (which isn't very popular in team ranked and solo ranked) because at least vengeance juggernaut has the 4 second cc/stun immunity which he receives after using force charge which provides him a minor opportunity for successful dot spread before he gets stunned/pushed/cc'ed.


I predict that with new changes to ruthless aggressor many people will stop playing annihilation marauder in ranked, and will likely switch to such aoe specs like engi sniper and dot sin which are less dependable on situation and luck in dot spread

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