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Help with Disiplines


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When you choose a class and you choose a combat discipline, when you go to your class trainer you just learn skills for that combat discipline.


It's not too difficult to pick a class and make 3 characters, one for each combat discipline and play with each to see what you like.

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Many (if not all) of the discipline specific skills are gained through the discipline "tree" as you level up, and not from a skill trainer.
Yes, I think ALL are given without having to go to a trainer.



First, don't confuse Advanced Class with Discipline. Sentinel is an Advanced Class. The Discipline choices for Sentinel are: Watchman, Combat, Concentration


Discipline abilities are granted automatically at level. No trainer involved. You only get that Discipline's abilities (4 active, and a bunch of passive).


You can switch Disciplines any time. There is a Skill Mentor NPC on fleet, in the leftmost Combat sector outer ring. You can also purchase a respec perk in the legacy window to be able to do this on the fly (costs 200K credits).


You do have to go to your trainer to learn the basic class (Jedi Knight) and advanced class (Sentinel) abilities. These are shared by all Disciplines.


But you cannot switch Advanced class.


There are also Utilities, which you can reset at any time. Utilities are shared by advanced classes.


Last, you can purchase trainers that you can summon. Search on GTN for "holostatue". Satele Shan is a trainer for Pub, Darth Malgus for Imp (there's also Dr Oggurobb and Senya, but they were gift/reward items only).


Hope that didn't get too confusing :)

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