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The Vault - Return to Risha - risha doesnt speak


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I am on a gunslinger toon named Nirdas.


I did the Vault quest on TIras, and i am due to return to Risha ...but, even though the minimap shows her as a pink triangle (meaning discussion), she doesnt speak to me and there is no triangle above her head.


thus, i cannot progress the quest.


obviously,i opened a ticked!

Also, i understand its an older issues, as Google showed some results from 2012 !!!!


Thats 5 friggin' years !!!


no one verifies this !?


please fix this bug ASAP!

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Did you use your ship to go back to Nar Shaddaa?


Means of traveling that weren't available on launch often cause this, when the quest points you to a wrong target in order not to spoil a surprise that is going to happen.


Usually it's flying to the planet or entering the hangar / airlock that triggers the next state of the quest. To fix the quest try to go to the place where you did the quest and then use your ship to go to the place you're supposed to go.

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hi and thanks for answering


i was on Taris when i did the Vault quest, not on Nar Shadaa!


but, with all due respect, why is this ?!

If i am supposed to go to a PLACE, then by all means, say so!


Dont make GUESS what i have to do, to get the quest working!


is that so hard?


And besides, what you say is also poiting towards a bug - something that doesnt work like it should!


Change the dialogue, tell me to go to X place etc....but dont leave us in the dark ffs!


and the issue is old, seen search results since 2013!


i will do as you say, now!


EDIT: yay! it worked!


it still is stupid though - they should change the code or something !

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Guess checking all quests for possible problems everytime they added a new way of quicktravel was too much work. At least this way many of us know what happens and how to fix it. If most quests were hardened against these problems, and only some slipped trough, it would be much harder to figure out what to do.


As a general rule take the mission text literally, when it tells you to "go to the spaceport to meet someone on your ship", go to the spaceport and from there go to your ship. When it tells you to use your ship to fly to planet X, actually use your ship to fly there.

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