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Arms or Armor Aug Kits?


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Crew skills that make augments also make kits. The kit is used to add an augment-slot to a piece of gear. Everytime you get a new ear, implant or relic you need to add the augment slot first before you can put it in an augment. Same for armor of course, but there the outfit designer allows you to change looks while keeping the same gear.


The crew skills that create augments (and kits) are:


Synthweaving (Crit !!!, Alacrity !!! and Defense)

Armstech (Accuracy !!, Power! and Endurance)

Armormech (Mastery!, Shield, Absorb)


Synth has by far the most demanded augments. The real money is made (or saved) with crafting the kits, though. There is a constant demand on kits: while you can buy an augment of the current max grade and stick with it till the next big patch, you need a kit to use that augment everytime you get some shiny new gear. For kits, Armstech and Armormech have a better supply of mats, as you can scavenge mats from slain droids in addition to gathering nodes.


Of course you aren't limited to one character in this game, and augments also need slicing mats, so you need a second character to get these anyway. Any crew skill can create the augment kit components, so a cybertech with scavenging and slicing could collect the mats, while the synthweaver builds the augments and kits for both of them.

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Thanks :)


Guess I'll have my trooper do the gathering for the mats,and I'll have my sent do synthweaving :)


That only works if your trooper is an archaeology gatherer. Different gathering and missions skills feed the different crafting skills:


Armstech needs Scavenging, Investigation, and Slicing

Armormech needs Scavenging, Underworld Trading METALS, and Slicing

Synthweaving needs Archaeology, Underworld Trading FABRICS, and Slicing.

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