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GSF Bombers


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Bombers with repairs or hyperspace beacons can set up in the middle of action and get a message saying that they're not contributing and that they must do damage or interact with an objective to continue in the match. I find this to be unreasonable for those particular bombers in deathmatches. They are contributing by providing repairs and a place to return closer to the action. By forcing them to do damage just to stay in the match, it diminishes their contributions to the match.


Please change it so that so long as a bomber flies a certain distance away from the spawn area (let's say a minimum of 20,000 meters into the map), and lays down their repair or beacon, they will continue to contribute to the match. This will allow for two things:


1) The bomber pilot will not be able to abuse this by just staying at spawn and putting down their repair or beacon.


2) The bomber will be able to stay in the match and set down their contributions to their team at a place that is meaningful to the match in question and not have to worry about being kicked out if they don't get a chance to do damage on a ship on the opposing team just because they were trying to protect their beacon or repair drone.



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