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PvP basics for Dummies


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(The title is a take on the book series - xyz for Dummies and isn't mean to be offensive)


I wanted to start a thread with some core basics for PvP on any class. Guys, please make suggestions that I can add to this post. If we can get some more experienced ranked guys to offer some tactics for arena/ranked, that would be good. Then we can direct people who really need help to ths thread from in the game.


(I've limited time right now, so I'm just adding a few)


Regular WZ PvP


1.Team work is the name of the game for objective PvP.

2.Objectives are the core of this type of match. You can't win unless you at least play the objectives in some form or other.

3.Only ever mark the enemy healers in objective pvp. Do not mark your own team or non healers.

4.Focus is when your team target one player and all attack at once.

5.Focusing or shutting down enemy healers is a priority. If you let them free cast all match then it's just a big parsing exercise because their team won't die.

6.Crowd control (CC), stuns, interrupts and slows can make a big difference. These should be used to shut down pesky players and used tactically if people are trying to cap. CCing ranged classes to stop them free casting is also a good idea.

7.Do not break CCs by attacking them. They have been applied for a reason and damage will break them.

8.Resolve is the bar around the player portrait. (This needs to be enabled in the preference menu). With full resolve you can't be stunned, but neither can the target. When the bar is clear they have no resolve, when blue it is building up, when it is white resolve is active. Do not waste stuns or CCs on full resolved players.

9.Capping nodes, doors, and playing the ball is the objectives in 8 man. This is priority, not farming for the highest dps or healing. Those will happen all by themselves if you aim to play the objectives.

10.Fighting at the objectives and not spreading out allows the highest concentration of your team together.

11.Look at the map (it's pretty bad at the moment, hopefully that will be fixed) to see where your team is.

12.Keep an eye on enemy numbers around where you are. This is called situational awareness. It shouldn't take 4 guys to kill one person. If you have 4 of your team focusing one guy, then the rest of your team is out numbered in another area and may lose the objective. If you see more than a 2-1 advantage, some of you need to disengage and head to the other point. You don't need to stay for the kill.

13.LoS stands for line of sight. You use obstacles to break an enemy's line of sight on you so they can't do damage. This is more important for ranged classes, but melee can also benefit from it. (A more advanced version is called kiting. This will be explained under tactics)

14.Staying alive sounds like a simple idea, but most don't realise you can disengage and heal if you can. If you die, you have to wait for the respawn timer and then get back in position. That can take longer than hiding to heal.

15.You don't need to kill everything. Lots of the time you only need to delay or shut an enemy down so they can't forefill their role. Void star is a good example here if you are defending.

16.Know your class and what it's real purpose is when playing on a team.

17.Hutt Ball is unique and requires a sports team mentality. Passing and supporting the ball carrier is essential. Sometimes that means you'll do hardly any damage. Attacking their ball carrier and stopping them scoring is also essential and is more important than killing some random on the other side of the map.

18. Hypergates add another unique requirement that lots of people forget. Don't die because the other team get points everytime you do. This might sound simple, but it's not always. This means knowing how to LoS and when to disengage to run. Staying near your healers. Not doing suicide runs into a whole lot of them if you aren't supported. That means don't continually run to their pillar and die, respawn and do it over and over. That's a good way to lose.


(Ok, that's it for now. Please post suggestions I can add to this. I'm also adding titles for more sections later. Don't make them too advanced. We can always make a thread for PvP advanced for Dummies)

Also if you guys have any up to date YouTube links or vids on how to play, I'll happily add relevant ones to the thread.



Regular and Ranked Arena








Class roles








Different WZ objectives

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