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Leveling rotations?


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I've returned to swtor and I am trying out multiple classes. I really have trouble with combat rotations in the first 50 levels. I seem to get about a billion abilities and I have no idea which ones to use, ignore, etc. Is there any general advice?


Do I look at the skills that are unique to the spec and build around them? For example, A Jedi Sentinel Watchman gets the Force Melt ability. Do I assume that the class will probably buff that as I level and so make it the core of my rotation?


I am a simple, simple man - help.

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Honestly when you are leveling the rotations are not that important, this game is tuned so that a decently affectionate companion can solo the leveling process


personally i read the abilities while leveling and simply give them a try and see how hard each one actually hits.


and if you have questions on what is your main abilities for a specific class your going to want to hit up either the class specific forum or one of the dulfy guides


the current one has many classes update for right now



if your class/spec is not updated yet then you can also check out the 4.0 a bit outdated but until you get to end game its still pretty good.


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