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Light Devotee's Robe dye bug


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When previewing a dye on the Light Devotee's Robe, the center and hood area displays as the dye's secondary color. When the dye is applied and the outfit is worn on the avatar in-game, the center/hood area displays as a paler (maybe browner) version of the dye's primary color. The character window and the load screen match the preview window appearance (using the dye's secondary color). Below are links to how it looks with the Dark Green/Medium Brown dye...

In the preview window

On the load screen

On the actual avatar

Note that in the first two, the center is medium brown. In the last pic, the center is olive green.


I'd prefer if the center part of the armor used the secondary dye, because that's how secondary dyes are supposed to work. But at the very least, its appearance should match how it looks in the preview window.

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