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Hi everyone. I could use some help


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Been playing about a week.


I have a problem with the font size. It's just a little too small. I've tried the interface customizer but can't seem to change the font size.


In a "desperation move" I changed the display setting while in game to 800x600.... The game crashed.


I reloaded the game and found the font still too small. So, I tried changing the resolution back and the scroll bar will not open. I exited the game to find that the game had changed my PCs resolution to 800x600. I reset that and returned to game, still unable to change in game settings. I've tried to change at the server select, character select and in game.


Nowhere does the resolution scroll bar expand to allow me to change the setting.


Suggestions anyone?


Once I get that fixed, any clues on how to increase font size without making things like the map and tutorial windows so large they don't fit the screen?

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You can change the resolution in the .ini file.


Go to:



There are two lines:


NativeHeight =

NativeWidth =


Set it to whatever resolution you want.


For Font I found this:


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Link fix - http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=875819


Not sure which portion of the screen you're looking at when you say font but most of it is tied to the default sizes in the interface. The chat window is handled differently. if you (I believe) right click on the tab along the top of the panel, you should see a font size option there.


The tooltip panels seem to be set.

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