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PVP/GSF crossover objectives (and guild PVP/GSF events)


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Make a PVP/GSF objectives that affect the ground and air battle.



ground troops have to seize the communication tower to call in Battle cruisers for support.

Fighters can destroy turrets that are helping opposite fraction

Supply Freighters need to land and fighters need to protect them

Ground troops can fire large ion cannon to destroy the battle cruiser

Even guild vs guild using guild battle cruiser

So many ideas to open up PVP/GSF

Give us PVP/GSF Operations both enter from opposite sides and have to defeat bosses to win the prize

Give us a planet for doing PVP and GSF daily missions

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Well they had the "cross-over" event with the Kuat Flashpoint and GSF, but I do agree it would be cool to see Ground PVP or maybe something like Kuat Mesas where it's atmosphere based, assaulting ground targets as objectives. It would subsequently affect how matches would go for Ground PVP. "Our Flak Cannons were taken out, and we do not have covering fire, we must take another route." etc.
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The level of changes for a third faction seem insurmountable. I don't think you'd see something like that.


As far as ground / space interaction, it will only ever be in the plot. The actual mechanics of GSF are: you become a very small space ship, probably the size of a pet or smaller, and are transported to a special battleground with different physics rules.

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