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Prediction: New Gear Tiers Coming


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I do not think Bioware is trying to fix GC with the latest proposed changes.


My guess:


Bioware will introduce new gear tiers in 5.2 to extend the grind. This is the only reason to increase CXP gains. This way, the player base is not too far behind when they have to grind more crates for the new tiers.


It is obvious. They are not giving us anything or even fixing the system. They want people leveling the GC so they can get close to the new tiers. Once the new tiers drops, everything will slow down again so that we can keep on the treadmill.


This is classic Bioware. They have done something similar every time they get close to increasing the tiers.


The fixes, which do not actually fix the broken system, are a band aid to keep subs.

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