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to all those that have the dvl gear


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Just waiting and waiting and waiting as it will come bioware will fix this obvious exploit and then i will get to see the funny part of the waterboy movie i lmao at . When all those who think they're good using this exploit go oh noooooo we suck again!!!!!!!! Edited by falkron-kerupt
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Oh Wow... does this mean my pvp sets in shadow of revan are actually better?


dunno go be like others and see if it give you unfair advantage with a broken bolster system.Once its fixed as i stated in my favorite scene of the waterboy when he could'nt play oh nooooo we suck again.the laughs will be plentiful.

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What are the stats with it even in a warzone?

Giving up a setbonus for what mastery? What is it.


Groncho wrote in another thread:



Not gonna post any conclussions just numbers First number is 208/230, second is using 5 pieces of DvL gear (bracers and belt included that has no enhas so in total they are 5 mods+3 enhas all 230 purple with bis augs)


For sniper / GS


Mas 7192 to 8572 = +7.5%

End 7432 to 8357 = +12%

Pow 3108 to 3653 = +15%


For Shadow/Assa


Mas 7523 to 8572 = + 13%

End 6161 to 6977 = +12%

Pow 4419 to 4484 = + 2%


For Mando/Merc


Mas 7271 to 7681 = +6%

End 7407 to 8319 = +11%

Pow 3085 to 6384= +17%



Crit Rating in all toons goes above 43%, Crit Multiplier in all toon goes above 72%

Accuracy and Alacrity gets buffed


HP inside warzones gets to 124/129K, in the server I play, only a few guys have their 242/s stacked but randomly playing with and against them puts, u on the same stats level


The increase in DPS is there and if by chance you get an undergeared player it's fair to say he will explode


Sometimes u can understand why some nerds will say that they work for gear and that gear matters for them. They need this handicap


Devs please, give us Naked PvP again

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5 chars.

Most of this people complaining are Mercs fotm re-rollers who farmed KP 24/7 and are now full 240/242 not wanting people to close the gap.


False i am the op of this post i main a deception sin and a mara no merc. merc is an alt i dont use as its op.

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