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War for Iokath, and gneral story concerns


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Simply put, I really hope that the destruction of the eternal fleet is the ultimate result of this new trip to Iokath. The story writing has been, TBH, OK at best since we started fallen empire. Now the story has been written into a corner.


In general, I know people have enjoyed the story of KOTFE and KOTET. I didn't hate it by any means, but if it had been a show on netflix, I can't say I would have finished it. I would be blown away if a good deal of players didn't agree.


I understand that the challenge of ongoing story content is difficult when compared to a show you know out the gate is going to be no more than 4 or 5 seasons. If we knew that House of Cards (HoC) was going to go on forever, it would probably sound stupid.


So I hope you guys really do make it a priority to "reset the board" story wise. I think destroying the eternal fleet is a good first step, and consequently make the eternal throne no longer a seat of real power.


Additionally, when new story content or chapters to the next thing rolled out are in development, I would urge the team to only go with something they think might be good enough to make the netflix cut. Find a way to capture what made Breaking Bad, GoT, HoC and other shows great. Use cliff hangers. Avoid contrived tropes the audience will find campy and annoying ("three minutes").


I've been a sub since launch, and I don't want to bust anyone's chops, but I think feedback is important. This is the game I play. I want it to be the best game it can be, and I do not think we are there, we could be.

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I really agree.



Becoming Empress isn't something my Agent set out to do at any point, nor is it in here interest in the slightest. Not to mention it sure as hell isn't where I thought she (or any of the other classes) would have ended up at any point of their stories. I know we all essentially drop what we were and merge into the Outlander, but the fact remains... I think they took this a little too far.


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