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I'm well into teir 3 right now, and this is what i noticed.

Tier 1 had no problem getting full set of gear before hitting Tier 2.

Tier 2 got about half of my Tier gear mixed between 234 and 236, ended up getting 2 boots 2 chests 6 ear peices (234 and 236 mix)

Tier 3 so far over 50 crates 1 ear 242, bracers 240, 2 belts 242, and a 242 mainhand


Seems like time spent verses gear returns at tier 2 & 3 lvl absolutely blow.


Easy fix make every 7th crate have a specific type of piece drop so tier 3 would be like:

197- bracer ( random 240 or 242), 204 - belt ( random 240-242) , etc and everything in between random chance of gear and items, at least then by the end of the tier you would have at least a functional gear set. Make everything after 299 random where you can grind for missing 242 pieces.

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