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Min/Maxing your 242 gear!


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you can minmax for endurance and still have 40% crit after bolster you can have 151khp.

And mandos (mercs) have 4 ways to say no to damage

Warzone Adrenal/medpack

Their Shield that heals them after it drops 75% of their hp (if beat on)

Their reflect shield heals them if they take hits

Their Adrenaline Rush heals them up to 75%

the 4 piece dps set bonus reduces the cooldown of the initial shield by 15 seconds too.

just gotta burst and burst hard.

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Was looking more like this


Supercommando Bracer (242)

Resistive Armoring 52

Warding Mod 52B

Stalwart Enhancement 52.


for each sub stat like crit alacrity accuracy, there are 3 versions. One that maximizes endurance, one that maximized power, one that maximizes the secondary stat itself. Was just curious if the crit gear has Adept, or Discipline enhancements in it. Stat wise I feels like its Adept though.

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