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Legacy wide command tier.


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I was missing the game and grouping with my guildys so i re-subbed for a month. I've checked out the expansion and I'm not pleased with the cxp system. I have a lot of alts that I like to play, but with this system, i'm forced to play one main or i'll be stuck in Tier 1 purgatory for the rest of the year. People complained that this expansion isn't alt friendly with the grind, and what did we get as a response? 3.5 million per character perk for a 10% bonus. are you kidding me? That is just insulting.


I've been thinking of a way to make this cxp system work for alts and what i've come up with is leave the command ranks on each character as is and make Tiers legacy-wide. Each character gains ranks separately, but their cxp gained will all add up to a legacy Tier. This way no matter what toon I'm on I'll be contributing to gaining enough cxp to reach the next Tier. As the system is now is way too grindy even one toon, let alone having many alts.


Now back to that perk. 3 and a half million credits per toon for a 10% perk. I had to type that again to emphasis just how ridiculous this sounds. Who in their right mind would pay this for that meaningless "perk"? This should be a legacy perk for say 1-2 million account wide that stacks with the command xp boosts that you buy with command tokens. The legacy perk should be boosted to 15% and stacks with the command xp boost for a total of 30% boost. The command xp boosts should be a permanent boost not 2 hours. Keep the boost to per toon and it stays on the character till you hit rank 90 for the first buff then buy the second buff and it lasts until rank 190, then buy and apply the last buff. Prices should be 25/35/50 for the permanent cxp boost.


Personally, I would like to see the CXP system go away altogether, but I know BW isn't going to let that happen. But I'm not happy with the system as is and until BW truely makes this system alt friendly and listens to their customers to ease up on the grind requirements, I'll not spend another dime on this game. I already work a full time job and i'll be D@ed if I have to put in another job's worth of hours every week to be able to gear my toons. This system should never have been setup as the primary source of gearing toons.

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