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Someone leaked it to me.


Gold Tier - 1600+ ranking

Baron Deathmark's awesome (recolor) speeder

Some title

Some recolored gear

Some gold colored deco that you'll never place

The feeling, however fleeting, that you are winning. (Per the president,you might be tired of winning)


Silver - 1150 ranking


Some title

Some crystal

A silver colored deco

A feeling that you were robbed of winning....Thanks Oba...err Trump.


Bronze - you participated


Some title you will never use

A bronze colored deco

A deep sense of anger at how OP: Mercs, PTs, Juggs, Marauders, Sorcs, Sins, Operatives and Snipers are.


Please don't spread this too widely, I don't want my source to get into trouble. :jawa_tongue:

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