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Ok starting a third playthrough of all classes, need some help


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Just finished my third playthrough of the class stories during Dark vs Light. Trying to get a chronological playing order for anyone interested. It is not perfect and I welcome any corrections. The help I need is Nar Shadaa. I could not figure out this planet. I guess I may work on that on my fourth playthrough, but would love any help.

A. Opening planets and Coruscant/Dromund Kaas

I am grouping the Opening planets with the two planets that end the prologue as there were very few story tie-ins for the opening four. I cannot find differences at this point to mix the Empire and Republic in 1-8. So I would just alternate each for variety.


Coruscant - Knight, Smuggler, Consular, Trooper

Dromund Kaas - Hunter, Inquisitor, Agent, Warrior



Dromund Kaas - This is tied in somewhat in several places (particularly the Lord Grathan area which has to be happening somewhat simultaneously), but I found a few lines that helped establish a timeline order.


1. Bounty Hunter - During the first target hunt to gain entry to the Great Hunt, it is mentioned the statue in the Jungle is nameless at this point. Later, the Bounty Hunter kills a sith apprentice at Lord Grathan's estate. Ultimately, all targets are finished with the hunter killing an Imperial Agent. He/she wins entry to the Great Hunt.


2. Sith Inquisitor - The Colossus is named at this point when Zash sends the apprentice to the Slave revolt jungle. Later, the inquisitor kills a scientist hired by Lord Grathan and ultimately kills Darth Skotia. Darth Thanaton appears at this point and the Inquisitor finds out he/she is a descendent of Lord Kallig. The first holocron is obtained for Lord Zash's plan.


3 Imperial Agent - The slave revolt has been occurring for some time now. Varying terrorist connections are investigated including slaves and Theovar Mindak, who is sheltered by Lord Grathan. He is dealt with and the terrorists attack Darth Jadus ship, while the Agent is off following a different lead at the Dark Temple. He/she leaves to hunt the Eagle network. It is also worth noting that Watcher One is off on a mission later found in the Jedi Knight mission on Taris.


4. Sith Warrior - We find out here that Lord Baras actually started the slave revolt. The Warrior kills the slave leaders and then kills Lord Grathan. (This effectively should end a couple of storylines on the planet.) He/she obtains the ravager and heads out to find the Padawan that Lord Baras is worried about.


It is questionable whether the Warrior is gone by the time the terrorists attack in the Agent story, but I would look at the Warrior last due to the other stories on this planet.


Coruscant - Very few tie-ins are present here, but I tried to establish a very loose timeline to do a chronological order for the original planets and then Coruscant.


1. Jedi Knight - General Varsuthra mentions that the Republic is working on a secret weapons project here. Lord Tarnis the Sith traitor is killed, but the Empire finds the secret weapons facilities basically indicating their start here in the Works.


2. Smuggler - Skavak tries to sell a counterfeit Ruby to the Empire who are in the Works now. Skavak had sold Rogun the Butcher's guns as well by this time (to the Empire?). The Smuggler gets the ship back though and leaves to find Nok Drayan's fortune.


3. Jedi Consular - The Consular arrives to find a cure for his/her Master. He/she does this over time, but ends up killing Lars Braddeg, who is working for the Sith Plaguebearer. He/she also claims the ancient "table" for use with the holocrons at the Jedi Temple. All 3 available Jedi Council members have arrived on Coruscant by this time and send the consular to help other council members.


4. Trooper - General Garza appears and wants the Trooper to cut off supplies to the Havok defectors. Jak Kardan is found and is working with the justicars and the imperials who are established now on Coruscant. The Trooper clears the Imperials from the Works at this point effectively keeping the planet safe.



B. Taris/Balmorra - It is slightly more clear here in the storylines. Again I cannot combine the Empire and Republic at this point. I would alternate similar to earlier.


Balmorra - Hunter, Inquisitor, Warrior, Agent

Taris - Trooper, Smuggler, Knight, Consular



1B. Bounty Hunter - The Bounty Hunter targets Admiral Ivorness. In the process, he/she starts the storyline here as the droids are made hostile in the Okara Droid Factory first. The Collicoids are made even more hostile in their nest next. Lastly, resistance leaders are meeting with allies (the Republic). The leaders escape, but the Admiral is killed.


1T. Trooper - It is noted that reclaiming and rebuilding Taris is important to the Galactic Senate (I assume this is where Saresh should be noted in the planet story arc). The empire is found to be on the planet and working with Needles on vaccines for Rakghouls (Again these experiments by others continue later when the Empire comes here). Needles is killed and Rakghoul strain is contained at this point.


2B. Sith Inquisitor - The target artifact is in a toxic swamp near the Balmorran Arms Factory. Lord Zash notes that the Republic is helping the resistance and the empire army did not know presently. The army has a supply shortage and Major Besseker helps find the artifact, while they wait. They research Collicoids and ultimately find the artifact.


2T. Smuggler - The Smuggler helps Risha find the astrogation chart here to help with the Nok Drayan treasure. Beryl Thorne appears and helps. The republic is here for a while at this point as they have set up a custom's service to check on entry and exits from the planet. Another chronological note is the Smuggler is sent to Zone Zero which has really not been investigated up to this point.


3B. Sith Warrior - The resistance movement has started against the empire. The Warrior works with Malavai Quinn to find an empire spy in Republic resistance Commander Rylon. (Note: He must be working with Grand Marshal Cheketta from the planet story arc). Rylon is killed and the Jedi investigating him is killed or taken into custody.


3T. Jedi Knight - The knight is sent to find Doctor Godera (who has been here for a bit) for help with the finding of the Desolator. Watcher One as mentioned in the Agent story is in this arc and is killed or detained. He is to protect the Empire from Godera's weapons projects as well. Godera is rescued.


4B. Imperial Agent - The Eagle network is training terrorist fighters to hurt the Empire by this point. The droids are noted to be hostile in the Okara Droid factory by now from the BH story. Grey Star is in charge and is later assassinated or delivered to be monitored by the Empire. It appears there will be no new recruits (or very little) and the Empire should be in a good spot on the planet at this point.


4T. Jedi Consular - Jedi Master Tykan is noted as being here for sometime to help with reclamation, but has gone "silent". The main base is attacked by Rakghouls with help from Tykan, but is averted and later he is stopped while trying to have chemical detonation from the main reactor on the planet. In essence, this saves the Republic reclamation at this time. Lord Vivicar is found to possibly be the Plaguebearer.




C. Nar Shadaa - Very hard to piece together.


D. Tatooine - The Czerka storyline does not really tie in to the class story arcs. We deal with Czerka to get rid of the device and the Corporation experiments on the planet. (Basically I feel Trooper does it as shown below)


Warrior, Consular, Hunter, Agent, Knight, Smuggler, Inquisitor, Trooper



The class storylines lead one to know that the Empire has landed here and taken over Mos Ila (a former Jawa town from what I can tell). The Republic has landed to help the capital of Anchorhead.


1. Sith Warrior - The Warrior comes here tracking a Padawan that trained here. The Exchange (local crime syndicate) is out of Mos Ila, but has overrun the Moisture Farms. It is implied the Dune Sea area has not been explored at this point. It should be noted the Warrior did not defeat the Sand Demon.


2. Jedi Consular - The Consular has come here seeking a "cultural explorer" that is a Jedi that is "plagued". He is studying the native Jawas and then Sand People. At this point, the Geonotions are also causing trouble for Jawa mining. The Consular helps the Jawas start to rebuild Sand Crawlers. Additionally, the Jedi is saved before he can "convert" the Sand People into fighters for the Republic.


3. Bounty Hunter - Gault is the bounty here under the name of Tyresius Lokai. His ship was shot down near the Dune Sea area and he walked to Mos Ila (so this has to be after the Sith Warrior). The Lady of Pain works for the Exchange and somewhat shows where the Exchange's base of operations is on this planet. Gault has cheated them in the past, but escapes and joins the Bounty Hunter.


4. Imperial Agent - Mos Ila is the lone Empire outpost at this point. A Ghost Cell is here training terrorists. A supplier for this Ghost Cell works for the Exchange that is fighting the Empire. Protection is offered to the Exchange to cement the alliance, but the Ghost Cell is ultimately stopped. This story shows that all of Tatooine's Dune Sea area has been explored by this point.


5. Jedi Knight - It is noted by the Republic that they have a secret weapons facility here that is working on the "Shock Drum." The Sand People have attacked this base to progress their movements east after the Empire attacked it first and pretty much decimated it and the Jawas inside. It is located near the Moisture Farms and the Geonotions and Jawa's area of conflict. (The Empire has made it very far north towards Anchorhead). The Jawas help the Jedi against the Sand People to save their homeworld. The Jedi kills the Sand Demon (from the Warrior Story earlier I would have to assume) and saves the Shock Drum.


6. Smuggler - The Smuggler is here to collect a sensor computer from the famed Diago Hixon. A Sith uses the Geonoitions to meet the Smuggler (Imps expanded further NE) and find Hixon's base of operations near Outpost Solara (Imps effectively expanding their reach towards the Dune Sea to the NW). The Empire attacks Hixon's operations, but the Smuggler survives to get the computer and can work with either the Jedi or Sith at this point.


7. Sith Inquisitor - Andronikos Revel has lost the artifact that the Inquisitor wants to a mutiny of his ship. The defectors ultimately travel to the Dune Sea area, but are killed due to the artifact driving them mad and the Sand people's attacks. This took weeks as noted in the story. The Inquisitor wipes out the Exchange leaders effectively ending their campaign against the Empire and the Empire story here.


8. Trooper - The imperials have finally made it to the Anchorhead area and are starting bombings with Droids and the like. They want to use it as a testing ground. The Geonotions have been at the Moisture Farms for two months as noted in the story and are helping the Imperials at this point. The Imperials have also tested on the Sand People and riled them up. The Trooper kills the Geonotion Leaders and then infiltrates the Imperial base that by this time had been started in the Dune Sea. Anchorhead is saved and the Republic story ends here.




E. Alderaan - The planet storyline ties in with the classes well here. Ulgo is trying to take over the planet and they have an ally in Rist. Thul and Organa are fighting for two different sides with the Empire and Republic backing each. Other families such as Alde, Ayle, Baliss, Corwin, Cortess, Girard, Teral, and Teraan are also involved.


Smuggler, Hunter, Trooper, Agent, Knight, Inquisitor, Warrior, Consular



1. Smuggler - We find that the Empire has arrived to put someone on the throne and are working with House Thul. House Baliss has slaughtered House Teraan. The smuggler gets data/schematic back from House Baliss, the hyperdrive they need from House Thul's spaceport and also duel's a member of House Baliss to end their romp.


2. Bounty Hunter - This story gives much of the introduction to the planet storyline. We learn that the King died 3 years ago and the 3 largest houses are fighting over the crown. Ulgo has claimed it, Organa is backed by the Republic and Thul by the Empire. The only reason I think this is after the Smuggler story is that the item the Smuggler delivered to House Alde is already on display when the Hunter arrives at House Alde. Duke Corwn, the target of the Hunter, and Organa are negotiating an alliance and the Hunter claims the bounty and can even take a "side" contract from House Rist on House Girard if they wish.


3. Trooper - Ruling families continue to have a civil war and here we find out that House Rist has allied with House Ulgo. Imperial assassins have found their way to House Organa. House Organa has captured Markus Thul and we continue learning their tied to the Empire. The Trooper proceeds to destroy missile batteries at House Baliss (see above Smuggler story), rescue/capture Thul's wife and stop Operation B against Organa (Gearbox).


4. Imperial Agent - Nobles are in full scale war now. A noble (Baroness Cortess with help from House Ayl and House Organa it appears) is financing the terror network that destroyed the Dominator on Dromund Kaas and helped the resistance on Balmorra. Vector Hyllis tries to ally the Killiks with the Empire at this point. Denri Ayl and Baroness Cortess are killed and the Agent can decide on the Killik's fate.


5. Jedi Knight - Nobles are still fighting. Republic has made a Death Mark weapon project to help with this fight, but it has been compromised. The Empire is attacking House Organa openly now. Count Alde is killed after fleeing to House Organa. Empire has the Killiks as allies (see above Agent story). Jedi proceeds to kill the Killik leader ending their threat. Jedi also kills the Sith Lord using the Death Mark ending this dangerous project. Duke Thul starts to advocate for peace.


6. Sith Inquisitor - Nobles are still warring. Elana Thul is allied with the Empire and helps find the artifact the Inquisitor needs. Rihanna Rist, head of House Rist, loves Nomar Organa and is forced to help with the search for the artifact. Organa sends Jedi to attack House Thul. They are beaten back and Organa wants a truce.


7. Sith Warrior - Civil war is still happening. Duke Kendoh Thul helps find Jaesa Wilsaam. She is the handmaiden of Geselle Organa. The Warrior fought House Ulgo back from House Organa for Geselle stopping the planetary war. Additionally, he/she killed/captured/freed the Wilsaam's parents for their own plot.


8. Jedi Consular - Usurper Ulgo is still in power. House Teral allows the Consular to be their representative to the peace talks after Ulgo had devastated their House in the war. The Consular hires/turns Ulgo General Astor Vox and they rescue a kidnapped Lew Organa from House Rist. This helps stop the Organa fight with Ulgo (along with the Warrior above). The Consular goes to the peace talks and can decide whether to advise on working for peace or stripping Ulgo of their lands. Essentially, this ends the planet storyline.




Note: This is the end of Act 1. All major plotlines done and of note the War is starting even though General Rakton has not declared it yet. As the Republic starts to liberate Balmorra and the Empire starts to decimate Taris.


F. Balmorra/Taris - Ok, essentially these two are happening at the same time. The plots are fairly clear and I would advise alternating Empire and Republic characters in the order given.


Balmorra - Trooper, Smuggler, Knight, Consular

Taris - Agent, Hunter, Inquisitor, Warrior



1B. Trooper - The galaxy is on the brink of war. Sobrik is occupied by the Imps and General Rakton is in charge. The Republic and Resistance are working to change that. The Trooper recruits Tanno Vik and he ultimately bombs a vault in the Balmorra Arms factory (effectively starting the war in my opinion even if not yet declared). The Trooper finds prototype weapons and can keep them or deliver them to the Republic. Balmorra is not won yet.


1T. Imperial Agent - The Agent becomes a double agent working for the Republic and heads here. The Sith have bombed Taris now. The Republic wants to rebuild, but a corrupt Jedi is creating havoc. Dr. Lokin has found Godera's Lab and the corrupt Jedi wants the Rakghouls to be her army. The Agent obtains the Ultrawave transmitter and recruits Dr. Lokin and recruits/kills the corrupt Jedi. Taris not won yet.


2B. Smuggler - The war has started. Empire is in control of Balmorra and the Smuggler needs to find prototype weapons for the Republic. He/she works with the resistance to get the Nebula weapons (of which you can sell to the highest bidder or give to the Republic) and blows up a portion of Sobrik in the process. The Imps are worried now and the Voidwolf kills some of the Empire leaders due to their losses.


2T. Bounty Hunter - The war has started, but the Empire has not totally wiped out Taris yet. The Hunter targets is Jicoln Cadera and he is hiding at the Endar Spire. He runs to an area near the main Republic base and is ultimately killed by the Hunter or his son Torian.


3B. Jedi Knight - Republic is trying to drive the Empire off Balmorra now. The Resistance does not trust the Republic but the Jedi helps the Resistance (Doc). The Collocoids are attacking the Empire in Sobrik at this point as well. The Jedi finds the cloaking device prototype for the fight with the Emperor and breaks the Empires hold on the planet.


3T. Sith Inquisitor - The Sith is learning the Force Walk Ritual and needs ghost's power to beat Darth Thanaton. Ashara Zavros tuns out to be the Padawan that can bring the ghost out. She does this and the Inquisitor cleanses Taris of the Jedi Sanctuary.


4B. Jedi Consular - Supreme Chancellor Janus appears and needs help freeing Balmorra and building the Rift Alliance. Zenith of the Resistance helps sabotage the Empire and together they free people from the Okara Droid Factory. Ultimately, the Consular turns Darth Lacris's apprentice, kills Darth Lacris and blows up an outer Empire base. Balmorra is fully liberated (along with the Jedi Knight story above).


4T. Sith Warrior - Darth Baras wants war and intends to kill Republic Generals. As an aside, General Rakton appears and wants something on Hoth (leading to later events on Hoth in Trooper story). The 4 Republic generals here are working on the Siantide cell project to help give the Republic a larger power source. All are stopped including the last one at the main Republic base, so the War Trust is defeated and the Empire gains/destroys the Siantide Project.




G. Quesh - Various side plots are completed here. I would just play these in the order with Balmorra/Taris. Of particular importance is the Treaty of Coruscant is broken in the Sith Warrior story and Attis Station is saved for medical/weapons research in the Consular Story.


H. Hoth - This is a planetary battle for the Starship Graveyard between the Republic, Empire and the Pirates.


Warrior (Hardest to figure when it happened), Inquisitor, Consular, Trooper, Hunter, Agent, Knight, Smuggler



1. Sith Warrior - The warrior's last target is Jedi Knight Xerender who is after a lost superweapon. There is a massive republic presence here at this time (3 to 1) as well as the White Maw Pirates. They capture the Imperial commander, but the Warrior frees him. He is later killed by Darth Baras. The local Talz and their leader, Fetzellan, are helping the Jedi and the Warrior meets Broonmark who is avenging his clan. The superweapon turns out to be an older Jedi and the Warrior kills/buries them and gains Darth Baras lightsaber in the process.


2. Sith Inquisitor - The Inquisitor is looking for another ghost that crashed a Jedi Transport, Star Runner, on Hoth. The White Maw control the planet at this time, but the Imps and Pubs have moved in and are exploring. The Inquisitor finds the Star Runner in the Star of Coruscant Dreadnaught and binds his last ghost.


3. Jedi Consular - The Rift Alliance has soldiers fighting the White Maw and need to end their threat. The Republic army is on the brink of mutiny at this point as a Captain Vallen is fighting them with the Pirates and cannot be killed. He has "healing armor" and has a thermal bore device that can destroy the main bases of the Republic (and Empire really). Vallon is later stopped and cannot take leadership of the White Maw or raise the Star of Coruscant Dreadnaught. (It is worth noting that Nok Drayan is mentioned from the Smuggler and Bounty Hunter stories).


4. Trooper - A 3 way battle has started on Hoth. Sgt. Yuun is helping find/create an Umbar Encryptor to breach Empire codes and gain an advantage. (As mentioned on Taris in the Warrior Story, General Rakton is heading this way as he has learned of this search). The Empire has gained ground near the Republic main base defeating the Ortolans. The White Maw wants the Umber Parts too, but they are found at the Star of Coruscant and Zareen and some Imperials are killed for the last part of the project.


5. Bounty Hunter - The next Black List target is a Trandoshan, Reneget Vause, who is causing problems for the Chiss Ascendancy a native race on Hoth. He is working with the White Maw Pirates. Another target is Boss Gradek, who actually has pushed the Empire and Republic out of White Maw territory by this time. The last target is a White Maw rival captain Kita Kren. All are defeated and/or killed to help the Chiss and hurt the White Maw.


6. Imperial Agent - Hoth is a warzone and the Agent needs to find a crashed ship named the Starbreeze for the Republic. Admiral Davos an Empire General is preparing an expedition back into the White Maw territory and the Starship Graveyard. He is not sanctioned by the Empire and is found to be working with the White Maw. By this time, Darth Jadus has also taken an interest and sent the Imperial Guard here signaling the fight has gotten bigger. The Chiss Ascendancy help and the Agent kills Davos, some pirates and finds the Starbreeze.


7. Jedi Knight - The Jedi are now fighting the Empire and White Maw here. In fact the Empire has started a full invasion of the planet, republic main base and forward outpost. The Knight needs to find schemaics of the Emporer's fortress in a crashed ship in the Starship Graveyard as well. Sgt. Rusk and the republic military join the Knight and destroy the Imperial Platforms near Aurek base. They kill Zeshatt, the White Maw leader and find the plans. This hurts the Empire and Pirates badly.


8. Smuggler - The White Maw have been ruling here and are using a cloaking device to gain an advantage. A Republic leader, Major Pavan, is killed by an Empire strike on Aurek Base as the war is full scale (This has to coincide with the Jedi Knight above at this point as there is full war near the base). There is infighting in the White Maw at this point (I figure again the Knight has taken out the leader). Guus Tano, reveals Rogun the Butcher has been supporting him and one faction of White Maw, but he defects and helps the Smuggler. Another faction is being supported by the Voidwolf of the Empire. Both leaders are eventually killed, the cloaking device which is a brain damaged alien is found and the Smuggler has the decision to take control of the Pirates or leave Alinna, a Twilek slave, in charge.


The planet appears to be at somewhat of a standstill in my opinion. Next up is Belsavis.




Note: This is the end of Act 2. General Rakton declares war on the Republic in the Trooper ending and it is noted in the Smuggler ending which I show above as finishing later on Hoth.


I. Belsavis - We know the Dread Master's are freed here. And the World Razor is destroyed or contained too. I guess I would assume that the last characters (Imperial Agent and Jedi Knight do this if trying to stay in character). It is fairly obvious the first three stories take place at almost the same time. The rest are not as clear, but I tried to piece them together through the happenings.


Consular, Hunter, Smuggler, Inquisitor, Warrior, Trooper, Knight, Agent



1. Jedi Consular - The republic does not know of the Rakata facilies yet as the story starts. Rioting is occurring and it is noted that the empire "may" be causing the riots. The consular opens up locations in the early stages of the planet and starts to blow open vaults. Commander Geland, a traitor, is in control of the prison so far. He is killed and the Consular can free/kill other Esh-kha besides the ones he/she allies with in the Rift Alliance.


2. Bounty Hunter - Evidently mob rioting just started as Skadge caught Zale Burrows girlfriend as the Republic sirens went off signaling the trouble. The Warden even wants to evacuate at this point. Zale Burrows does not want prisoners out of the deep Tombs (We find out the Republic turned over prisoners to the Tomb Custodians). The Hunter kills numerous bounties along the way and kills Burrows. The Dread Masters have not been freed yet and the Esh-kha have been released (I know light/dark choices, but have to assume only one person does those).


3. Smuggler - An Empirial attack and airstrike (Voidwolf) occurred 3 days ago (Assume this is the sirens from the Smuggler story above). Many wardens dead and 10,000 prisoners are loose (Again fearful time for Republic as noted above). Ivory, the target, escaped from his cell and headed to the deep prison to learn of Republic's secrets. We learn Ivory was the one who told the Empire about Belsavis. The "secret" turned out to be a ship to get off planet.


4. Sith Inquisitor - The inquisitor comes looking for a Rakata device to fix his/her "illness" and notes the Empire "recently" discovered Belsavis and caused a prison break. Evidently the previous Darth that came here was after "mutation." A Rakata Warden Gorshaa (spelling?) trades the right to use the Mother machine and get fixed for the right to "scan" the inquisitor for future research. (Of note: Inquisitor talks to the Warden nearing the end of their storyline who congratulates Republic characters who finish such as the Jedi Knight, so he is not dead yet.)


5. Sith Warrior - Darth Ekkage, Darth Baras' sister, was captured by Nomen Carr and imprisoned on Belsavis. The Warrior actually wants to stop the Empire from releasing her while they raid the vaults and tombs. Lord Melicoste is trying to release Ekkage, but both are killed with the help of a Padawan of Carr.


6. Trooper - By this time, Belsavis prison is under heavy Empire assault as they are trying to free comrades. Trooper is freeing Daggerwing pilots and they pledged to help Republic kill Imps as they are opening vaults of prisoners. Saved Daggerwing Leader Conrad Gal and Belsavis situation is starting to "turn around" the Republic thinks.


7. Jedi Knight - Lord Krannus has landed here to destroy all life on Belsavis. It is noted that the Empire "just" launched a surprise attack (vague speech in the dialogues). Republic scientists are now working in Belsavis' second level. But the Empire wants to go deeper and keep the Republic out. The Knight actually fights Esh-kha (released by Consular earlier I assume) and stopped Krannus attempt at detonating the power core. This saves the planet. (I guess he makes decision on World Razor too in the planet story arc. Trooper is only other option.)


(An Empire story must end this planet as the Warden that takes over is killed/run off by the Dread Masters. It is reasonable to assume I would think that the Agent did this due to location, findings, dialogues, etc.)


8. Imperial Agent - Imperial intelligence has known of the prison for a year (Contradicts the Smuggler story, but Intelligence probably kept it a secret or Ivory told the Sith and/or Empire Army who did not know). Imperials are deep in the prison now and have it guarded by this time. We find out the Republic allowed the Eagle Network Conspirators to exist on Belsavis in their own special section 23. It is the heart of the deepest section of the planet. In section 23, the Eagle Network had kolto tanks with kidnapped people and the Scorpio Project. The Agent liberates it and a holocall notes of past issues at the prison including Darth Angral, Darth Baras and the Children of the Emperor (Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior had to be here before).




J. Voss - The main story is about learning of the relationship between Gormak and the Voss. Neither ending provides an alliance with the Empire or Republic, but as we find out next, it does not matter.......


Agent, Smuggler, Inquisitor, Hunter, Consular, Trooper, Warrior, Knight



1. Imperial Agent - We continue with the same character as the Agent says the planet is newly discovered by the Empire/Republic, but intelligence has had a contact there for 5 years (Again implying secrets even from the Sith and the Imp Military). Voss is neutral and there is no space flight on and off when first discovered. The "Shining man" shows up and is accepted by the Voss due to a Voss prophecy. He is later killed. Working with the Eagle Network Conspirators, the Shining man was seeing if force could be resisted using the Nightmare Lands. Agent ends up fulfilling the Voss prophecy when he finds out the true story of the Shining Man and is attacked. The Three explain they will stay neutral for 3000 days due to the Shining Man prophecy. (see my statement above)


2. Smuggler - Voss contacted the Republic after a Sith ship crashed there starting an attack. The Voss repelled the attack and barely have diplomatic relations at this time. The Sith want mutant creatures from the Nightmare Lands and Jela (Rogun the Butcher contact) is trying to provide them. Jela and the sith working with her are killed.


3. Sith Inquisitor - Voss is a recent discovery. The Mystics prophecize that they knew the Inquisitor was coming and would cause destruction to their way of life. An outcast sect of Voss, the Dreamwalkers, help to find a Dream Rock to provide a healing ritual. The inquisitor must have a Gormak use the Dream Rock and this shows the link between the Gormak and Voss (somewhat relating to the real story with Gormak King Jokull I think).


4. Bounty Hunter - The target is Republic General Redrish. She believes the Voss can coexist with the Gormak. The two sides do not and by this time the Empire has convinced the Voss to set up defenses due to coming Gormak attacks. (Of note, Jokull has not been captured/killed as he allows the Bounty Hunter to fight in the Gormak Arena.) Hunter neutralizes or kills the General and either kills or lets go the Gormak wanting to make peace.


This is where it gets funny as the Jedi Knight story has to be after these three big stories saving Voss, but some phrases contradict that and seem like it should be here. I think it has to be last after the Warrior though.


5. Jedi Consular - Each side is still competing for an alliance and by this time the original Empire attack has been a "while." (Very vague reference.) It is too dangerous for many Voss to make pilgrimages to the Shrine of Healing due to Gormak attacks now. The Consular leads a possible new Mystic, Gaden Ko. Lord Shendan, a Sith, is also trying to stop the Voss pilgrimage and is dealt with. The Gormak crystal mining operation is stopped as well hurting their cause. Gaden Ko, becomes a mystic and promptly says the Voss will stay neutral for now.


6. Trooper - Now the Republic is worried about a possible second attack on Voss by the Empire. The Trooper is sent to end the threat and get Republic troops out of Voss for bigger wars (i.e. Corellia). Lord Torius has been covertly buying mining equipment and a big bomb to blow up the capital city, Voss Ka. The Trooper saves the city and either retrieves the bomb or gives it to the Voss. The bomb is the one the Havoc Squad traitors stole on Ord Mantell.


7. Sith Warrior - Access to the Voss is restricted to the Empire now and it has been "years ago" since the first Empire attack. (This means a lot of time passes during the Voss campaign, seems confusing to me when I see the Jedi Knight story below that has to be after this one). It is determined that the Emperor wanted a Voss Mystic to be his voice and this is the reason for the original attack. The Voice was lost on a pilgrimage (We later learn that Darth Baras planned this to trap the Voice on Voss away from the Emperor). While following clues, the Warrior kills Gormak chieftains and the Gormak Warmaster ending their threat. The Voice is released in the Dark Heart and the Three know that Sel Makor can be stopped. (This ends the Empire storyline)


8. Jedi Knight - Odd, but is said that Voss is just discovered recently (Contradicts the Sith Warrior story). Sith Lord Fulminas is here being helped by a Voss Mystic to learn a healing ritual (i.e. evil madness plague). The Mystic, Valan Da, is actually planning to betray Fulminas. The Knight defeats the Gormak Guardian (made by Sel Makor) and finds Gormak maps to the Nightmare Lands for the Voss. (This should be when Gormak King Jokull is truly stopped too per the planet storyline). Killed Lord Fulminass ending his madness plague. Sel Makor is stopped ending the Republic storyline.




K. Corellia - This is the final big battle of the class storylines given in the original part of the game. (Note: I would finish the endings of each story off Corellia too although Consular and Smuggler are similar finish timing as are Knight, Warrior and Agent. (I would have Inquisitor and Smuggler possibly finishing the planet storyline in the Spoiler below) ).


Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Trooper, Jedi Consular, Smuggler



1. Bounty Hunter - Darth Tormen wants to beat and embarrass the Republic. The Hunter proceeds to kill/capture the Chairman of Business, Selonian Matriarch and Police Commissioner. Jun Soros wants the Green Jedi to leave their enclave and attack Darth Decimus and the Empire. Lastly, Supreme Chancellor Janarus is captured/killed and the battle rages on.


2. Imperial Agent - Empire has advantage for now bombing Corellia for 6 weeks. Agent coordinates airstrike bombing of Aegis Base. The Star Cabal resistance attacks Lord Razor's Base in Axial Park and have dismantled Imp Intelligence. Lord Razor is killed. The Agent escapes in cover while the Imps and Pubs fight in Capitol Square. (It is noted that Reinforcements (Consular and Trooper) have landed. Vowraan/Baras and Thanaton powerplays are noted and hurting the Imps. (Tol Braga being killed is not actually mentioned until after Agent leaves, so I put this ahead of Jedi Knight. Also Agent travels more afterward as compared to Knight heading straight to Korriban) Hunter is killed/captured and one of several Agent endings occurs.


3. Jedi Knight - Corellia is in war with thousands dieing and Tol Braga helping the Empire. Only a handful of Jedi here so far and reinforcements are being called in. Empire still controls most of Corellia. The Knight gathers Jedi, stops bomb makers, takes back Labor Valley weapons factories, destroys turbo lasers in Axial Park and stops Tol Braga's ship from blowing up on Capitol Square. Jedi kills/contains Tol Braga and kills Emporer (or his physical form). Republic is doing better and begins to win the war.


4. Sith Warrior - (This has to take place at almost same time as Jedi Knight) Warrior is protecting Darth Vowraan and attacking Darth Baras powerbase. Assassins are killed, captured/defeated Baras Tech and Jedi spies and Killed Lord Dragha again freeing a Baras entity. Lord Baras is killed and he is not the Voice of the Emporer.


5. Sith Inquisitor - (This has to happen after Warrior as Darth Thanaton is still alive at Korriban). War is still going strong. Inauisitor saves Imperial Fleet and fuel refineries hurting Thanaton's plans. Inquisitor captures a base in Museum of History and the Empire base in Capital Square. (I would finish the planetary Empire story here helping Darth Decimus claim victory) Thanaton is killed on Korriban and Inquisitor becomes Darth Occlus.


6. Trooper - Target is the Bastion a mentioned in Warrior Story. Trooper works with resistance and clears landing drop points or saves residential sector. Then he/she saves labor factories and saves or blows up a historic aircraft. Bastion is finally taken back and General Rakton is captured/killed. (It is now noted that Saresh is the new chancellor and the Empire is regrouping on Ilum).


7. Jedi Consular - Master Syo has fortified Guardian Holds on Corellia. As an aside the Consular saves Nadia and the Selonians are helping counter the Empire as they had been beaten down. Empire Droid production in Labor Valley is stopped, an Imp base in Axial Park is taken and take back communication arrays and take back the last Empire base in Capital Park. Several Children of the Emporer are killed in the process. Master Syo is killed, Empire forces are being routed now. (This last part may happen after Smuggler as Consular has to travel to Coruscant so I put this before Smuggler) Saresh is Chancellor claiming victory on Coruscant and Consular is given a Jedi Council spot.


8. Smuggler - Senator Dodonna arrived days ago. Darmas Polleran is working with her and is trying to open Tunnel 26 in the Selonian Tunnels to hurt Corellia defenses. Smuggler stops this and chases Darmas to a factory the Empire is using as hospital. Smuggler arrests/kills Darmas and Dodonna flees to Museum of Alien History. Smuggler frees Republic POWs and captures/kills Dodonna after finding out she was betrayed by the Voidwolf. Smuggler finds out that Voidwolf is on a ship planning to bomb the shipyards (From Corellian Council from memory). Smuggler leaves Corellia, kills Voidwolf above city and then comes back. (I would finish planetary story of killing Darth Decimus at this point and winning Corellia for the Republic). Saresh recognizes the Smuggler on a holo at the Spaceport for turning the Tide of the WAR.



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Finally finished the chronology with the exception of Nar Shadaa
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On Tython, the two classes start at basically the same time, since the Flesh Raider thing in the Gnarls is active for both of them.


You can say the same about Ord Mantell (as you noted), Hutta, and Korriban, although it's less clear on Korriban than on the others.


I think that overall, it is easy to justify saying that on all four starter worlds, the two classes start at the same time.


Similarly, both pairs of Republic classes (that is, all four classes) arrive on Coruscant at the same time, because the Senator's quest that you pick up at the exit from the spaceport is the same for everyone. In the same way, there are quests on DK that have the same characteristic.


After that, it's less clear how things progress, although it's still reasonable to say that all four classes of the same faction notionally arrive on any planet at the same time because of the non-class-story activities.


Also, it is worth noting that there is a strong case that in any one copy of the universe, there is only one of the eight classes active. Republic characters may notice a change of Chancellor, but that doesn't mean that there was a Bounty Hunter active who confronted the old one. The eight stories must all feature that transition (Lana mentions Saresh by name in Chapter IV) but it is only in the Bounty Hunter story that there is an explicit statement of how it happened.

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I agree with your point and your probably right. It has been especially hard to trace any differences on the entry planets for instance. The planetary arcs have to be the same due to obvious programming issues, but I am trying to find any way that the class stories may deviate.


I am just trying to do this as I googled and found so many questions about a timeline, yet never found one discussed much other than Corellia. And I was going to play through again anyway during this dark vs light event for that achievement.


Thanks for the reply.

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