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  1. Do we have this in game? Do we have something really close?
  2. Been awhile since I played D&D and even then it was a few times. However, wasn't Fighter able to throw fireballs if they took a level in Wizarding?
  3. Only got a bit into the story, but felt fine. Did Consular as Juggernaut too.
  4. Unless it's the Smuggler, then it's just luck, wit and the willingness to sleep with anything.
  5. Hey now, isn't the whole point of the sequel trilogy, to destroy the previous six movies and have fans go "You had a road map to make awesome movies and shows with the books and you threw them all away!" All those books, they had the ability to hind sight it into something even better. Though, honestly, I think some of the fans would've whined anyways. Really. Be honest, how many Star Wars fans here would've whined and whined about how they recast Luke, Leia and Han, if they did take it from just after RotJ? Soooooo many. I thought they should've recast the parts, and people whined on that idea. Actors get old and die, doesn't mean the character they played has to grow old and die too.
  6. If they were, it should be exposed as the Consular is supposed to have exposed them all once she's defeated the First Son. With the Emperor dead though, would his imprint still be on them?
  7. Lana, Kira and Elara. Some of the best. Never romanced Kira or Elara in game, but they're some of my faves.
  8. Force using SIS Agent and a Force using Pirate Lightsaber and Blaster Pistol weapon combo!
  9. When I see those responses, I think, you care. You went into a thread on that discussion and cared enough to post in it. It's fiction and the idea of discussing things in fictions bothers you? Then why get into a thread discussing it?
  10. Isn't the current lore, that it's what Yoda was taught, and him being 900 years old, is what he taught, so now everyone took Yoda's word for everything.
  11. Honestly, I didn't feel her response fit for the one who was not only betrayed by the ones who were basically killing you and her, seeing as how the Agent saves her.
  12. Consular the lowest? I don't think so. Yes, I know, Consular is my fave story line, but the Consular is the one shown doing impressive feats with the force. It's not the Knight. It's not the Warrior. And I don't recall the Inquisitor (tied for first or very close second fave story line) doing force feats as impressive as the Consular. Now, I'll give they say the Warrior's power can be felt by many. Now, if we go by Yoda holding the record until Anakin (27k) shows up, at 19k. However, there is more than 3600 years between TOR and Episode 1. Even at 900 years, that's still over 2500 years before Yoda was born. So, 19k has to be the limit. So the question for Consular who is said to be so powerful in the force...do they reach close to that 19k or is it much lower than that and others have taken on the record before Yoda takes it? Next is that Jedi tend to have average out higher counts than Sith (which may be why the tend to go dark side). Revan is at 17900. So if Consular is the newest highest count...that puts Consular at 18k to 18999.
  13. I'm more inclined to believe Lana staying with a LS Jedi than I am Theron staying with a DS Imperial.
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