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Is it me?


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Or do I see more people complaining about people complaining about the people who are upset about the EGA?


It seems like every thread I see is:


"shut up you whine bag!"




"shut up you were not entitled to anything!"


or even the "you are immature and childish for whining about EGA"


I see more threads about that, then people actually arguing about EGA.


I'm in the camp of no EGA for anyone, and people get in the 20th.


I am in the camp of fair and equality for everyone. Not the unfair you pre-ordered day one you get early access.


It is rather humorous to me, that these same people whine about the people whining about not getting the EGA saying stuff like entitlement (how you are not entitled to anything including EGA that it is a privileged) but you bring up the fact that it is not fair and suddenly they are entitled to get early access because they pre-ordered the game earlier..


I am under the thought of no EGA for anyone, and for Bioware to use the pre-order data to make more servers so there isn't queues and faster respawn rates for the first couple days..


or if they are doing a EGA make it completely random. A day one(er) has the same chance as someone who pre-orders the game today.


That would be fair..


-Just Saying.

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It's funny because this is always the case. For as many people there are whining about the game there's just as many if not more people bumping the post claiming they have nothing to whine about. They think they are slowing it down but really they just help fuel it. Need to just let people complain and ignore it is the best you can do. That will never happen though.
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