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Make me a ranged nightmare!


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Hmm, if you want to be a PVP nightmare, then my advice is to do one of two things:

1. Respec to (because 95% of the players on the opposition team will be clueless about how to shut down a Sage healer short of creating a 2- or 3-on-1 to burn you down, making you a nightmare for them.

Or (if you want to be a DPSer),

2. Respec to Balance. It is a very common class/build at the moment, but the main reason for that is that it is capable of very good DPS while also dishing out a few heals/damage mitigation bubbles, with almost insignificant resource management and good mobility.


That is not to say that TK is useless in PVP, it is not... and it has been heavily nerfed several times indicating that Bioware have seen it as either overpowered or over-popular, and the consensus among most of my guild-mates is that the class is "competitive if played well, with decent flexibility for DPS and off-heals", although they mostly use PVE Ops as a reference, not PVP.


Either way, putting up fairly big numbers is very easy, but putting up very big numbers needs a bit of work to master the class. A good place to start looking, regarding stat priorities, rotation and gear advice would be Dacri's Balance Sage PVP Guide hosted by Dulfy, or Kick-bot's Corruption Sorcerer (the Imperial mirror class to the Sage Seer) PVP Guide.


For PVE, Kalizo has posted a Corruption Sorcerer guide to Dulfy's archives here.

In PVE terms, as I mentioned before, Sage TK can be ok, and Sion's Lightning Sorcerer (again, the Imperial mirror class) guide here seems to be the most up-to-date one.

The extra 5 meter range on your long-range abilities in TK can be useful in PVE if you position yourself well, but less so in PVP.

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I'm glad you chose to take up a Sage. I am afraid that as far as PvP goes I cannot give that much advice, and anything I would say Dacri's guide's say better. I play Imp side so I'm Lightning but I think that it is better in PvP if played correctly simply because we have more burst to take down healers, though we lack the self healing that Madness/Balance has.


As far as PvE goes, anything up to HM the dps checks aren't really existent. Nightmare of course is a different story and you really need to be an absolute master of Lightning/TK or Madness/Balance to be able to put out the necessary numbers. Unfortunately as far as guides the one on Dulfy is not entirely up to date. The most up to date version can be found here. If you would also like to see some Lightning Sorc in 4.0 HM/NiM fights, though there aren't many that I have recorded, you can find them here.


I hope this helps and good luck

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