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Looking for this chest piece


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I noticed the old Oriconian gear on the fleet is gone after the update they did. If anyone can make a Dread Forged chest piece {without the flap in the back. } I will pay you 4 mil. Below in the link is the one I am searching for. I saw it doesn't have the wings either, so I'm not sure if they added that in after the update or not with the dread forged ones you can craft now.


Doesn't matter on stats, for this is for cosmetic only. If anyone is on the Harb server I can reached as Kailyana.









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There are no flaps on any of them and the wings are a mount not part of any armour.




Any of them plus a black/black dye and you're done.


Dread Forged Combat Medic/Dread Forged Eliminator being flogged under 300k a piece on TRE for example.


The only way you're getting one with "flaps" is if you look at ones which were for a totally different class.

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