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PSA: Double Comms Next Week


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Plus, catch up quick with two Double XP weekends – The first running May 3rd through May 10th, the second Double XP Weekend from May 27th through May 30th. Earn double the Story and Legacy Experience, as well as double the PvP Commendations and Starfighter Requisitions!

Emphasis added.


I'm assuming that this does not include ranked tokens, but you know how bugs happen. That would be one bug that I certainly would not mind. :D


P.S. Does anybody know if the WZ Comm rewards for Odessen are still maximum of 80 for a win, or did they fix that? If they haven't fixed it by next week, then the "double pvp commendations" will basically be just the standard reward, with a temporary fix. :( I have been avoiding unranked for a little while, so I wouldn't know.

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